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You’ll Never Believe What This Artist Can Do With Her Mouth

Not going to lie, this chick has more artistic talent than I ever will.

There’s a Badass Hotel Being Built In the Middle of the Ocean

Leave it to the Brits to take an abandoned sea fort from the 19th century and convert it into a kickass hotel.

Hitler Fish Is the Fish That Looks EXACTLY Like Hitler (No, Seriously. It Does. )

And he hates Gefilte Fish.

Check Out This Amazing ‘Jurassic Park’-Themed Office

You'd think we'd do more cool, creative shit like this at BroBible, but I'm pretty sure we'd just end up making massive Natty Light beer can

Jurassic Park Wedding Photo is the Best Wedding Photo

Because.... RRRRRUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now try to pull it off with the raptor scene... 

A Job Application That Tries Too Hard, Plus Today’s Internet Fix (45 Pics)

I applaude this man's intentions of writing a cleaver cover letter to stand out from the pack, but the question remains: Did he get the

Party On, Grandma, Plus Your Weekend Internet Fix (61 Pics)

Horray, the weekend! Here's a huge, fresh gallery of this week's best funny pictures. 

If You Park Like This, You’re a Dick, Plus Today’s Fix (41 Pics)

Dude, no reason to park like a douche. But props to this guy for making lemonade out of those lemons. Welcome to Today's Fix! Before

‘To the People Who Kept Us Up All Night’ and Stupid Dorm Window Signs, Plus Today’s Internet Fix

Today's funny and awesome pictures! First up, straight-up pwnage to some obnoxious neighbors. Next pic, zombies be damned, there is absolutely zero reason to have

A Beer Belly Keg Tattoo and Lexi Belle In a Frat Shirt, Plus Your Weekend Internet Fix (56 Pics)

Your weekend fix has arrived. Featuring this epic beer belly tattoo and Lexi Belle rocking a Phi Kappa Sigma shirt, it's one of the best

Things to Say During Sex, Plus Today’s Internet Fix (40 Pics)

A hand diagram of things to say during sex. Click here to expand.

We All Make Mistakes, Plus Today’s Fix (41 Pics)

Mistakes, man. We all make them. Some, however, are more permanent than others. 

Sh*t Your Professor Says on the First Day of Class, Plus Today’s Fix (40 Pics)

Today's fix of funny and cool photos starts with a situation very applicable to syllabus week.

Truths About Male Birth Control Effectiveness, Plus Today’s Fix (52 Pics)

How Crocs is still in business continues to baffle me.

Awesome Hartford Cop Takes an Epic Beer Pong Celebrity Shot, Plus Today’s Fix (60 Pics)

Epic celebrity pong shot, Mr. 5-0. Props and a beer (off-duty, of course) for you. Have an awesome photo for Today's Fix? Send it to

Just Eatin’ Cereal Out of Lord Stanley’s Cup, Plus the Weekend Fix (71 pics)

Very Bro move, Justin Williams. Props to you. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends.