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Couple Poses for Epic Wedding Photos In Front of a Tornado

If Helen Hunt and Kevin Costner's characters from Twister got married, this is what I imagine the wedding pics would look like.

There’s a Badass Hotel Being Built In the Middle of the Ocean

Leave it to the Brits to take an abandoned sea fort from the 19th century and convert it into a kickass hotel.

Ladies: Get At This Earthbending GWU Bro Who Can Do Magical Things With His Hands

This picture of a Bro proving that earthbenders are real blew up on Reddit over the weekend.

Just Jason Segel Taking Epic Pics at the Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru

Jason Segel is the man.

Photos of the Abandoned Set Of Nickelodeon’s ‘Hey Dude’ Will Make You Nostalgic and Sad

Earlier today, J.Camm and I got to wondering about what ever happened to the cast of Nickelodeon’s  Hey Dude! After a […]

Pixar Artist Makes Amazing Children’s Book Illustrations of Classic R-Rated Movie Scenes

Josh Cooley is a storyboard artist at Pixar. He even has an IMDB profile to prove it. In his free […]

Holy Crap! This Is What It Looks Like from the Top of the World’s Tallest Waterslide

This is a picture from the very top of the Meg-a-Blaster waterslide that's currently under construction at Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City. It's going to

This Photo of a Shark That Ate Another Shark Will Blow Your Mind

It's a shark within a shark! Sharks meet Inception. A "Turducken of the sea," if you will. This incredible dogfish pic comes via a Facebook update from University

65 Unbelievable World War II Photos

Amazing collection of photos here from The Chive

Jurassic Park Wedding Photo is the Best Wedding Photo

Because.... RRRRRUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now try to pull it off with the raptor scene... 

Guest List For Radiohead’s ‘97 Show at Irving Plaza Proves the ‘90s Were F*cking Awesome

Ready for a serious case of FOMO? On June 9, 1997, just two weeks after the release of "OK Computer" (the most kickass, quintessential '90s album

The 30 Most Viral Letters and Notes of 2012

We love it when our readers send us notes, letters, and e-mails. Usually it's from a downstairs neighbor who's been up all night after an intense

‘There Are 43 Girls Trying Out for Cheerleading. Who Makes the Team?’ Plus Today’s Fix (40 Pics)

Wow, that text answer is cruel. Also, hilarious. 

A Job Application That Tries Too Hard, Plus Today’s Internet Fix (45 Pics)

I applaude this man's intentions of writing a cleaver cover letter to stand out from the pack, but the question remains: Did he get the

Party On, Grandma, Plus Your Weekend Internet Fix (61 Pics)

Horray, the weekend! Here's a huge, fresh gallery of this week's best funny pictures. 

Gummy Bears + Vodka, Plus Today’s Internet Fix (47 Pics)

Vodka gummies! Horray! Ready to get your Thursday Fix on? Let's do this.

Texts From Your Mom, Plus Today’s Fix (44 Pics)

It's a trap! She so knows what's going on. 

If You Park Like This, You’re a Dick, Plus Today’s Fix (41 Pics)

Dude, no reason to park like a douche. But props to this guy for making lemonade out of those lemons. Welcome to Today's Fix! Before

‘To the People Who Kept Us Up All Night’ and Stupid Dorm Window Signs, Plus Today’s Internet Fix

Today's funny and awesome pictures! First up, straight-up pwnage to some obnoxious neighbors. Next pic, zombies be damned, there is absolutely zero reason to have

A Beer Belly Keg Tattoo and Lexi Belle In a Frat Shirt, Plus Your Weekend Internet Fix (56 Pics)

Your weekend fix has arrived. Featuring this epic beer belly tattoo and Lexi Belle rocking a Phi Kappa Sigma shirt, it's one of the best

Things to Say During Sex, Plus Today’s Internet Fix (40 Pics)

A hand diagram of things to say during sex. Click here to expand.

Hi, This Is Your Neighbor… Yes, We Heard You Having Sex, Plus Today’s Fix

High five for getting laid, Bro! 

YouTube Comments Are Just the Best, Plus Today’s Fix (43 Pics)

No questions asked, this is the best YouTube comment ever.

We All Make Mistakes, Plus Today’s Fix (41 Pics)

Mistakes, man. We all make them. Some, however, are more permanent than others. 

Sh*t Your Professor Says on the First Day of Class, Plus Today’s Fix (40 Pics)

Today's fix of funny and cool photos starts with a situation very applicable to syllabus week.

Who Destroyed Hip Hop? Plus Today’s Fix (50 Pics)

Show of hands if you agree... 

It’s the Weekend, Have a Beer… Plus Your Weekend Fix (71 Pics)

Horray for the weekend! Horray for beer! Horray for the best funny photo post ever since we've started doing this column. 

Dave Grohl Pours a Fan a Beer Mid-Set, Plus Today’s Fix (45 Pics)

Bro move, Dave Grohl. More beer for you. The best pic of the day via. Have a funny or awesome photo for Today's Fix? Send it

Frat Giraffe Is Ready to Party, Plus Today’s Fix (60 Pics)

Frat Giraffe should be a meme. Get to work, Internet! Have a funny photo for Today's Fix? Submit here. 

Truths About Male Birth Control Effectiveness, Plus Today’s Fix (52 Pics)

How Crocs is still in business continues to baffle me.

Awesome Hartford Cop Takes an Epic Beer Pong Celebrity Shot, Plus Today’s Fix (60 Pics)

Epic celebrity pong shot, Mr. 5-0. Props and a beer (off-duty, of course) for you. Have an awesome photo for Today's Fix? Send it to

Just Eatin’ Cereal Out of Lord Stanley’s Cup, Plus the Weekend Fix (71 pics)

Very Bro move, Justin Williams. Props to you. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. 

The Truth About Rolling the Window Down in the Car, Plus Today’s Fix (52 Pics)

Today's daily serving of funny and awesome pictures, coming right at you. 

How to Hit on a Girl at Starbucks, Plus Today’s Fix (71 Pics)

This is how it's done, gentlemen... 

No Seriously, Where Do You Put Those Clothes? Plus Today’s Fix (45 Pics)

Seriously, there really needs to be a name for that. It's like the purgatory of doing laundry. 

The Weekend Fix (71 Pics)

The weekend has arrived, so let's do this right. Enjoy 71 awesome and funny photos, via the fruits of the Interwebs. Remember to send us

Today’s Fix: Planking on Tigers, Reasons to IMDB, and a Fun (Fake) Ben and Jerry’s Flavor (65 Pics)

It's time for your fresh daily dose of funny and cool photos, plucked from the bountiful branches of the Interwebs. Welcome, BroBible readers, to Today's

Introducing Today’s Freshness, an Instant Remedy For Your Internet Boredom (50 Pics)

Every now and then, we like to try a new thing out around here. Introducing Today's Freshness, a new, currated nightly column compiling the coolest

Sunset That Looks Like the American Flag Is Your Kick-Ass Photo of the Day

Via Jeff Lewis on Twitter comes the most kick-ass sunset you've ever seen: An American Flag sunset. Now if only Team USA can overtake China in

This Patriotic Beer Tank Gets Us Excited for Memorial Day Weekend

Tomorrow is the kick-off to Summer 2012 and we couldn't be more excited. To get pumped up for this weekend, we present to you the