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11 Foods You Didn’t Know Grew Like That

Yo, we're going to BLOW YOUR MIND with facts about how your favorite veggies grow.

34 Insanely Interesting Facts From Around the World

TIL: A sniper figured out how to prevent a major attack in the most badass way possible.

Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About The Human Body

Fun fact about getting older: The older you get, the worse food tastes because you stop regenerating taste buds. Boooooo.

These Useless Facts That Will Melt Your Mind

The one about spelling "upside down" while upside down makes my brain hurt.

11 Shocking Facts About Social Media

Remember Myspace? Ah, the glory days.

11 Science Facts That Will Make You Feel Weird

There are a lot of "fact" videos on YouTube, but these are maybe some of the most insane facts we've ever heard.

11 Weird Body Part Words

Today I learned that I've been saying "man boobs" wrong my entire life. THANKS INTERNET...

The Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Pizza, as Told By a Pizza

Hands down the best food on the planet, right? You have no idea how badly I want pizza right now.

A Guide to Sex World Records, Including the Longest Roper Ever Thrown

HOLY CRAP: Today I Learned that the longest roper ever thrown was 18 feet. 18 FEET!!!!!!! HOW IS A ROPER THAT LONG EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?!?!

Facts About Nike You Need To Know

  Phil Knight was going to call Nike “Dimension 6″ back in the day. We’re glad he didn’t…

21 Sex Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Fact: You burn 200 calories during 30 minutes of sex. Fact: The person on top is more likely to have […]

Eye-Opening Facts About Vaginas

Think you know it all about a lady’s love taco? Yeah? Well I bet you didn’t know that vaginas and harks […]

The Truth Behind American Apparel

Hmmmmm…. Where do I know that girl from? She sure looks awfully familar, like someone in a movie or something […]

Facts That Will Change Your Mind About New Jersey

You’ve heard it all about the great state of New Jersey: “It’s the armpit of America,” “Jersey girls aren’t trash; […]

9 Surprising Facts About eBay

Holy crap. Ebay did $175 BILLION in sales in a year. That's number seems absolutely ridiculous... Some facts: 

50 Weird Facts About All 50 States

Wisconsin has a Hamburger Hall of Fame? This is a gamechanger. I must visit it... 

The 50 Weirdest Things In All 50 States

Lucy the Elephant in the Dirty Jerz is legendary. Stay weird, New Jersey...

20 Incredibly True Sports Facts You Won’t Believe

Despite our endless thirst for sports knowledge, there are a few worthwhile anecdotes that seem to fall through the cracks. Here are 20 sports facts

Drunken States of America: The Best Alcohol Facts of Every State

Did you know that North Carolina likes Appletinis more than any other state or that Louisiana is #1 in drunk tweets? 

Why Does My Body Do That?! A Guide to the Weird Things Your Body Does

I think the best way to demonstrate why we get hiccups is when it's illustrated by hot girls wearing nothing but bras. 

14 Facts That Will Haunt Your Soul

Suddenly I'm not feeling that second cup of coffee.. 

6 Everyday Actions And Why We Do Them

They say you learn something new every day and today I learned the real reason why we high-five. I always thought it was because the Teenage Mutant

Why Does My Body Do That?!

Now it all makes sense... 

9 Everyday Death Traps

The first comment on this video: "Toilets killing people is believable, Because everyone shits and pisses on them everyday, and then they force them to

13 Facts That Will Make Your Day Better

TIL: The Bald Eagle is no longer an endangered species. You know why? Because... 'MURICA. U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A.

14 Facts That Justify Sleeping In

It's Monday. All I want to do right now is crawl back into bed. Even better if it was next to this lovely lady... Nap

6 Freaky Things Your Body Does (Explained by Science)

#1. Why Asparagus Makes Your Pee Smell Weird

The Most Boring, Useless Facts You’ll Never Forget

Anyone else want to mix some vodka with hippo milk and see what happens? LET'S GET WEIRD... 

27 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Fictional Universes

You'll never believe how much money Scrooge McDuck has or how many STDs the cast of Seinfeld (probably) has....

8 Supposed Facts That Just Ain’t True

You best educate yourself, fools...

10 Insane Things You Didn’t Know About Sex

Sex. It's the true fuel for all bros. It's what keeps us going through this turbulent chaos called life. Yes, it's the number one reason

10 Wonderous Things You Didn’t Know About Boobs

Boobs. What more can be said about them at this point? In the wonderful universe that is the female anatomy, boobs pretty much reign supreme.