How To Make Homemade Cool Ranch Doritos In 15-Minutes Or Less


Note from Brandon: Cool Ranch Doritos are the best Doritos in existence.


This Guy Wound Up With A Raw Burger From McDonalds And It Only Kinda Looks Like Real Meat…Okay Not Really

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McDonald’s isn’t exactly known for being “quality” food, but when you’re driving down the highway at 3 a.

epic meal time

Seth Rogen And James Franco Join Epic Meal Time To Make A 33,083 Calorie Korean BBQ Lasagna


It seems when the 'Epic Meal Time' gang ran out of ideas on what to prepare for their next dish the only solution was to kick out their Sauce Boss, Harley Morenstein, and replace him with James Franco and Seth Rogen.


Watching These Two Japanese Women Deep Fry Shrimp In Under 3-Seconds Is Basically Like Dropping LSD

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Why is this culinary video of two Japanese women flash-frying shrimp so similar to taking LSD.


This BBQ Smoker Steam Engine Just Changed The Barbecue Game Forever


The phrase 'just changed the game forever' gets tossed around so cavalierly these days, but in this case I'm actually quite certain that this man's creation is going to have a lasting impact on anyone who sees it.


These Six Breakfast Life Hacks Will Change How You Make Breakfast Forever


Did you know that you're pouring orange juice completely wrong every morning.

hannibal lecter

Real Life Hannibal Lecter, Allegedly Cooked His Girlfriend In His Apartment, Then Killed Himself


Unfortunately for headline’s sake, there were no fava beans involved in the murder of Mayang Prasetyo, allegedly by her boyfriend, Chef Marcus Volke, 28.

thug kitchen cookbook trailer

If You Don’t Have A Fucking Clue In The Kitchen ‘Thug Kitchen Cookbook’ Is Here To Change Your Life


If you're not already familiar with 'Thug Kitchen' it's basically the most profanity-laced culinary endeavor in history, and to launch they're cookbook they dropped a trailer that would make George Carlin smile from his grave.


If You’ve Ever Wanted To Eat Something That Came Out Of A Condom, This Condom Cookbook Is For You


First, let’s address the headline: I sincerely hope that at no point in your life have you ever seen a condom laying on the ground and thought to yourself “Hmmm, I wonder what the inside of that tastes like.

hilarious cooking tutorial

World’s greatest free agent celebrity chef is BACK! This time she’s cooking baked chicken


It only took a few hours from me initially posting on the future greatest celebrity chef in the world, Auntie Phee, until she came back with another video.

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