girls scouts cookies

If You’re Buying Girl Scout Cookies You’re Getting Ripped Off, And Here’s The Proof!


Hot off the tail end of what will forever be known as 'The Great Dress Debate of 2015' comes a flavor scandal ready to tear our nation's tastebuds apart.


All You Need To Win Valentine’s Day Are These Red Velvet Oreos


There are red velvet Oreos and they are delciious.

mckayla maroney

McKayla Maroney Cannot Bake A Gingerbread Man For Shit


This is embarrassingly bad for McKayla Maroney.


Oreo Is Now Coming Out With Churros, Because Fuck Resting On Your Laurels


Forget being the #1 cookie in America, Oreo wants more.

breast cancer awareness

A College Tried To Make Breast Cancer Awareness Cookies, They All Turned Out Looking Like Penises LOL!


There's not much context to go along with this photo, but Redditor Minidrc said these Breast Cancer Awareness cookies are being sold at her not-named university.


Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy Oreos are the best thing since bacon


  It's not often I get excited about a new snack food, but Oreo's orally orgasmic new flavors will make even the most ardent health nut twist, lick, and dunk.

The Library

How to make Cookie Dough Brownie Cups


  Why choose between brownies, cookies, or candy when you can eat all three in one bite.


How to make Fireball Apple Pie Cookies


  You know what's as American as apple pie.

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