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Ian Poulter is Having the Worst Day Ever

Hate when that happens.

Sensitive Idiots Caused ‘Man vs. Food’ Host Adam Richman’s New Travel Channel Show To Get Canceled

Sensitive fat people need to stop writing outraged blog posts and start hitting the gym.

High School Baseball Coach Goes on 17-Minute Expletive-Filled Tirade, Is Promptly Suspended

You @#*#*##rs!

Teen Poses with Dead Body in Worst Instagram Selfie Ever

On a high school’s recent field trip to the University of Alabama Birmingham’s biology labs, a teenager hit a new low […]

Sorry I’m Not Sorry: Natasha Leggero Responds to Haters of Her Controversial Pearl Harbor Joke

I don't know when our country turned a corner and everyone became overly sensitive, but it happened. Natasha Leggero learned that this last week after making a

People Upset About Strippers at Kansas City Chiefs Games Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

Can’t everyone just get along? I thought this is America, a place where NFL football and exotic dancers should go together like peanut butter and

This is the Most Amazing Washington Redskins Shirt Ever Made

What diseased mind dreamt up this masterpiece? It looks like the result of a person smoking weed all night and watching Face/Off on repeat.

People are Losing Their Sh*t Over a Cheerios Commercial With an Interracial Family

You know who didn’t offend anyone? Tony the Tiger.

Here’s the ‘Scary Movie 5’ Trailer That Has Lindsay Lohan Steamed

Lindsay Lohan inserted herself into the news today by voicing outrage over the trailer for “Scary Movie 5.”

ESPN Suspends Rob Parker Indefinitely for Robert Griffin III Comments

They are conducting a “full review.” Not sure what’s to review.

Life’s Too Short to be Boring, Say Parents Who Let 5-Year-Old Kid Swim With Sharks

That’s an amazing quote. They must be amazing people.

Phil Mushnick Wonders Why the Brooklyn Nets Aren’t Called the New York N*****s

Phil Mushnick, the New York Post’s television and radio columnist, opined on the Brooklyn Nets’ color scheme and logo in today’s paper. He, uh, went

Pat Robertson Says Denver Broncos Deserve Peyton Manning Injury

For some reason, television evangelist and squat machine enthusiast Pat Robertson weighed in on the Tim Tebow trade. It was predictably stupid.

Putting Fortune Cookies in that Jeremy Lin Ice Cream Was a Bad Idea

Ben & Jerry’s has apologized for the inclusion of fortune cookies in the company’s Jeremy Lin-inspired flavor. Taste the Lin-sanity, a limited-edition flavor available at