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Here’s Video of Paula Deen Saying She’s Unable to See a Black Guy ‘Standing Against a Dark Board’

Three things. 1. This video, taken during a New York Times interview two years ago, will probably not change supporters' or detractors' positions on the

The Semi-Nude Israeli Soldiers Are Back, Now Using Rifle as Stripper Pole

Two weeks ago, the Internet was shocked—SHOCKED—to find that bored, 20-year-old female Israeli soldiers sometimes acted like many pervs always imagined they would. Well, they're

Israeli Soldiers Post Semi-Nude Photos on Facebook, and You May Now Want to Join Israel’s Army

Oh... Oh, wow.

Boston College Suspends Soccer Player for Tweeting Jerry Sandusky Jokes Before Playing Penn State

Today the Boston College Women’s Soccer team takes on Penn State at PSU's Jeffrey Field for a second round match in the NCAA Tournament. Stephanie McCaffery,