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Let’s All Get Drunk and Call Members of Congress

If you're a non-essential government employee, you've been drunk for nine days straight. This is understandable. 1. There are no jobs around that require sobriety. 2. You've got to figure

BroBible Answers All Your Questions About The Government Shutdown

The federal government is just hours away from shutting down. Our borders will remain protected. Mail is going to be delivered on time. Air travel

Mike Kelly’s Inspiring Congress Speech Leads to Standing Ovation, ‘USA! USA!’ Chants

if you're pressed for time and/or a lazy f*ck, skip to the last 30-45 seconds of the video. It's glorious. 

Photo: Proof That Some People in Congress are Just Overgrown Children

In case you weren't aware, people who work in Congress are supposed to be more mature and have better bathroom manners than children in junior

Here’s a Video of 24-term Michigan Congressman John Conyers Caught Reading a Playb*y on a Plane

He's not reading it for the articles, either. More details at Playboy's own Smoking Jacket blog. Despite your political tilt, it's hard to deny the