Congresswoman Hits Car, Forgets How To Park, Walks Away Like Nothing Happened

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This video purports to show District of Columbia Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton attempting to park her car, and failing to do so in spectacular fashion.

Weed Legalization

Conservatives In Congress Don’t Give A Fuck About Your Votes, Are Vaporizing Your Right To Legal Weed

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A tiny faction of Conservative Republicans in Congress are tossing up a big 'F*CK YOU' to the 70% of D.

jon stewart

Jon Stewart Explained Climate Change To Congress As If They Were Small Children


Jon Stewart and his team of writers produced a television segment commenting on current events.

Government Shutdown

Let’s All Get Drunk and Call Members of Congress


If you're a non-essential government employee, you've been drunk for nine days straight.


BroBible Answers All Your Questions About The Government Shutdown


The federal government is just hours away from shutting down.


Mike Kelly’s Inspiring Congress Speech Leads to Standing Ovation, ‘USA! USA!’ Chants


if you're pressed for time and/or a lazy f*ck, skip to the last 30-45 seconds of the video.

topless billboard

Mexican congressional candidate Natalia Juarez is topless on a billboard


Dear People of Mexico: Philosophy professor Natalia Juarez would like you to vote for her in the upcoming congressional elections.

funny photo

Photo: Proof That Some People in Congress are Just Overgrown Children


In case you weren't aware, people who work in Congress are supposed to be more mature and have better bathroom manners than children in junior high school.


Will Banks Do Business with Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?


 Cash and kilos of drugs go together like apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

tracy jackson

Indiana Rep. Mark Souder’s *Alleged* Mistress, Tracy Jackson, Seems Kinda Hot


This morning news broke that Indiana Republican Representative Mark Souder will resign from Congress after dipping his pen in the company ink and admitting an affair with a female aide who worked in his district office.


Manny Pacquiao KOs Opponent to Win Seat in Philippine Congress… Now What?


If you're a boxing fan, it's slightly bewildering to think the next installment of HBO's "24/7" series may feature Manny Pacquiao decked to the nines in a suit and tie, pacing through the corridors of a congressional building in Manila while trying to rally partisan support for a last-minute vote.

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