Dan Marino Is Suing the NFL Over Concussions


He's joined a new suit with 13 other players.

Xbox One

NY Jets RB Chris Ivory has some advice for Geno Smith and other athletes with dong pic scandals


Guyism sat down with the New York Jets' Chris Ivory and New York Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz to promote Xbox One's prediction contest with the console's NFL app.

NFL concussions

How the NFL is profiting off the concussion crisis


It’s not news that the NFL is facing a concussion crisis.

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Who Dat Driving a Cab in NYC, Schooling People ‘bout Concussions?


As his Saints contract is still in a stalemate, Drew Brees has signed another with Dick's Sporting Goods for its huge new cause marketing campaign about concussions in sports.

San Diego Chargers

Junior Seau’s brain will be studied for brain damage


The death of Junior Seau was both shocking and sad.

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