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Dan Marino Is Suing the NFL Over Concussions

He's joined a new suit with 13 other players.

Welp, Looks Like Bryce Harper Is Already in Midseason Form

And not in a good way.

I Wonder If the Concussion Cam Newton Got Contributed to His Interception

Cam Newton just threw a season-ending interception.

ESPN Is Hopelessly Addicted to PEDs, Concussions, Tim Tebow, Stupidity

I don’t care about concussions and PEDs. I just don’t care and I don’t think anyone REALLY cares. But if you asked ESPN then you’d

Who Dat Driving a Cab in NYC, Schooling People ‘bout Concussions?

As his Saints contract is still in a stalemate, Drew Brees has signed another with Dick's Sporting Goods for its huge new cause marketing campaign