justin bieber

If Only This Were Real: Watch Floyd Mayweather Beat Justin Bieber’s Ass In A Sparring Session


The other day Justin Bieber posted a picture of himself in the ring with his buddy Floyd Mayweather getting a few boxing pointers.

Michael Caine

Dana Carvey Did Impressions Of People You Probably Don’t Know On ‘Conan’ Last Night


Here's where I proclaim my love for Dana Carvey before slightly shooting him down.

shia labeouf

Alan Cumming’s Version Of The Drunken Shia LaBeouf ‘Cabaret’ Story Is Also Entertaining


Last week on Conan Shia LaBeouf told the crazyass story of the night he was arrested for being drunk at the Broadway show Cabaret.

late night tv

Chelsea Handler Tells Story About How Jason Biggs Peed All Over Her Face And That She Didn’t Mind It That Much


If having your face pissed on by another celebrity is cool, then consider Chelsea Handler Miles fucking Davis, because that is exactly what Jason Biggs did to her a few weeks ago.


Conan O’Brien Has The Perfect Solution To Help The NFL Fix Its Image


Let’s face it: the NFL’s image hasn’t exactly been the best lately.

kristen bell

Kristen Bell Shaved Dax Shepard’s Butt For A Movie Role Because Of Course She Did


Dax Shepard, appearing on Conan last night, recalled the priceless story of how as he was prepping for a nude scene in a movie he realized that his butt, while smooth on the cheeks, had what Andy Richter described as having a "forest in the valley.


Nick Offerman Has Had ENOUGH Of All This ‘Manscaping’ Nonsense


Nick Offerman appeared on 'Conan' last night and once again the subject quickly turned to pubic hair.

iphone 6

Conan O’Brien Makes Fun Of Flaccid iPhone 6s And Samsung Raging Phoners


Conan O'Brien is the latest comedian to jump on the iPhone 6 comedy bandwagon, taking a jab at how the iPhone 6 is "flaccid" and the Samsung is "stiff.

celebrity impressions

Bill Hader Busted Out Some Spot-On Impressions Of His Former ‘SNL’ Castmates


Bill Hader showed up to visit Conan last night to talk about his new film with Kristen Wiig, The Skeleton Twins, but thankfully, just like in previous visits, Hader broke out a few dead-on impressions.

things that have never been said

Things That Have Never, Ever Been Said Before… Until Now


"I just had the nicest encounter with Shia LaBeouf" is just the beginning of this list of things that have never, EVER been said before.

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