twitter rants

Conan O’Brien Puts One Of His Staff On Blast After Twitter Rant But The Guy Had A Decent Point


Conan O'Brien doesn't seem like the kind of guy who gets pissed very easily but this weekend the cardinal-headed talk show host saw fire engine red after one of his writers went on a Twitter rant about "the state of late night television.


Conan Went On Grindr To Make ‘Friends,’ Except All The Friends Wanted To Suck Him Off So That Didn’t Quite Work


Conan O’Brien is no stranger to dating apps since back in July he went on Tinder with Dave Franco to find dates.

it s always sunny in philadelphia

The Gang From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Has Great Stories About The First Time They Met Danny DeVito


Danny DeVito's Frank Reynolds on "It's Sunny In Philadelphia" is one of the best things about the modern television landscape.

naked selfies

Anna Kendrick Shared More Stellar Advice On How To Take Better Naked Selfies


Remember last year when Anna Kendrick, our pretend Internet girlfriend, talked about visiting Reddit's "Gone Wild" section and shared some hilarious tips for taking naked selfies.


Conan O’Brien Spends the Day At An Authentic Korean Spa, And WTF?


In this particularly bizarre segment from Conan O'Brien and Steven Yeun on 'The Walking Dead' they take a day trip to Los Angeles' Wi Spa, an authentic Korean Spa, and suddenly I never have the desire to take care of my body again.

conan o brien

Conan O’Brien Has The Perfect Daycare Solution For Unvaccinated Kids


The growing debate about whether or not to vaccinate your child and it's related subject of what to do with said unvaccinated children in schools and daycare settings just found one tremendous solution thanks to none other than Mr.

mila kunis

Mila Kunis’ Interview With Conan Was All About Her New Mom Boobs


As we saw the other day, Mila Kunis looks amazing just four months after giving birth to her and (ugh) Ashton Kutcher's baby.


Rainn Wilson Skewers Annoying Hipster Foodies During His Hilarious ‘Conan’ Appearance


Rainn Wilson, star of the new series on Fox, Backstrom, dropped by Conan Tuesday night and in addition to talking about his new show he also addressed the growing and annoying phenomenon of glamorizing gluttony by "hipster foodies.

american sniper

Watch American Sniper Chris Kyle In A Fascinating Interview With Conan Exactly One Year Before His Death


There has been a lot of fighting back and forth over the record-breaking film American Sniper about the life of the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

olivia munn

Olivia Munn Dropped Some Sexy Cleavage As Well As A Few Aaron Rodgers Stories On ‘Conan’


Olivia Munn is in the new film Mortdecai with Johnny Depp so she's currently making the talk show rounds and Tuesday night she dropped by Conan and of course the subject matter turned to her dating the very-disappointed-right-about-now Aaron Rodgers.

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