u2 removal tool

Conan’s New U2 Removal Tool Takes Things A Few Steps Further Than Apple’s


Apple had to make a special tool to remove U2's new album from all the iTunes customers who didn't want it automatically added to their playlists, but Conan and his crew imagined maybe that wasn't enough for some people.

anna faris

Anna Faris Likes To Torment Her Mom By Sending Her Erotic Postcards


If Chris Pratt and Anna Faris aren't "officially" the most fun couple in Hollywood, they're getting mighty close.

Jessica Alba Sin City action figure

Jessica Alba talked about her ‘for-adults-only’ action figure last night on ‘Conan’


For some reason (not that we're complaining) Jessica Alba is still making the late night rounds and last night she was on Conan where they discussed her not-safe-for-kids Sin City action figure.


Aubrey Plaza photobombed Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton


The ALWAYS entertaining Aubrey Plaza was on with Conan O'Brien last night when she told the hilarious story of photobombing Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton.

seth meyers

Late night hosts pay tribute to Robin Williams


With a full day to process Robin Williams' shocking death, late night hosts Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers all took a few moments to pay tribute to the fallen star.

Will Arnett

Conan O’Brien chokes up breaking news of Robin Williams’ death to his audience


Conan O'Brien was in the middle of taping his show last night when news of Robin Williams' death was relayed to him.

Larry King pot brownie

Conan, Larry King and Andy Richter split a pot brownie, got giggly


I don't know if the pot brownie that Conan, Larry King and Andy Richter shared last night was real (which Andy said looked like Conan just picked off the floor), but they sure did act like it was.

The Rock penis nickname

The Rock shared his nickname for his penis on ‘Conan’ last night


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has done so many talk shows he's run out of things to talk about so I suppose that's why last night we found out what his nickname for his dick is on Conan.

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