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Florida Man Seeking to Marry His Smut-Filled Computer Encountering Some Resistance from the Courts

Isn't this AMERICA?

Bill Gates Says ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ Was a Mistake

During a talk at Harvard University on Sept. 21, Bill Gates admitted that Control-Alt-Delete—the three-button combination that made even the dumbest Windows user feel like

4 Ways Technology Is Ruining Our Future

Whenever I hear the word technology, the first thing that always comes to mind is learning how to type on a

Watching DMX Learn How to Use a Computer is Oddly Enchanting

I respect X's refusal to learn how to use a computer, but to hold out this long is nothing short of remarkable. Even my parents,

Slick Motion-Control Device Claims to be From Future

Must have this. Leap Motion has introduced a device they claim to be 200 times better than other gesture-control devices. It makes the mouse look

From the Crypt: A Written Guide on ‘Using the Internet’ in 1996

The only things I remember about 1996 is that the Bulls were f*cking awesome, AOL was all the rage, and my girlfriend loved giving  blow

Steve Jobs’s Best Patents That Never Were

For over 30 years, Steve Jobs and Apple helped bring the world some of the most unique and innovative computing products. From the early