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This Is the Most Ridiculous Supercut of Animals Twerking You’ll Watch Today

The Huffington Post has compiled a bat-shit crazy supercut of animals twerking. That's right... Animals getting their booty-poppin' Miley Cyrus on for the Internet's entertainment.

Bored? Check Out This Hot Girls Fail Compilation for March

These woman are failures. Miserable failures. And thank God for that. 

The Ultimate Tribute to Movie Strippers

A few weeks ago we ranked the 20 best fictional strippers. Here's a five minute video compilation of hot movie strippers gettin' their grind on. Natalie

Bored? Watch The ‘People Are Awesome 2’ Compilation

There was a whole lot of awesome going on in 2010. Here's a full-of-WIN follow-up to all that badassary for 2011.