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This Compilation of Guys Dancing Once They Learn ‘You’re Not the Father’ on ‘Maury’ Is Goddamn Incredible

Relief. Lots of relief.

Bored? Watch an ‘Instant Karma’ Compilation

Haha, people are dumb. Instant karma's gonna getcha.

A Compilation of the 100+ Best Sports Vines of All Time

When it comes to an amazing trick shot or sports highlight, six seconds is PLENTY of time. Insert: Vine. The guys at ESPN's SportsNation put

Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best Fails of the First Week of September

You know the drill: people be failin' and shit. 

‘Remember 2006’ Will Make You Want to Pretend 2006 Never Happened

If I were to rank 2006 on this flashback video and this flashback video alone, I would not give it a favorable position on my

The Great ‘Comedy Movie Montage’ Has Compiled The Best Moments from our Favorite Funny Movies

Timeless humor, all put together in one excellent montage. For your convenience, the good, hardworking creator has listed the titles below for your convenience. 

Here’s a Video of Michael Jordan Finishing at the Hoop Over and Over Again

Each passing moment puts Michael Jordan’s playing career further in the rearview mirror. And that sucks because it means eventually his greatness may be forgotten.

This Compilation of Military Homecomings Will Make You Feel Feelings

It's an unfortunate fact of living in the United States in 2013: Many of us are completely separated from the day-to-day realities of military life.

Bored? Check Out This All Go-Pro Humans Are Awesome Compilation

Everything is better on a Go-Pro, especially this guy's intensity. 

Watch This Outstanding Compilation Called ‘John Goodman Losing His Sh*t.’

There is a lot of that here. A terrific tribute to one of the bigger Bros of the past few decades. Give it up for

Bored? Watch a Compilation of Tremendous Nutshots

We may think of ourselves as cultured, but everyone—EVERYONE—laughs at a nutshot.

Bored? Watch the Best Vines of May Compilation

Vines are so hot right now.

Bored? Find Shopping Cart Fails to Be HYSTERICAL? Then this is the Compilation For You!


Bored? Check Out The Ultimate Fail Compilation From the Last Week of April

I don't know how we, as a society, managed to get through the week before fail videos were invented. Life must have totally sucked back

Bored? Watch the Best Fails of the Week

Time to wind this terrible week down. No better way to do that then to laugh at all the failures that surround us.

The NBA’s Best Flops Set to Opera Music Is One of The Better Compilations We’ve Seen in Awhile

This was the first year the NBA cracked down on the "flopping" epidemic. At the time of this video, 19 players on 13 teams had been

Bored? Check Out The Ultimate Fail Compilation From the Second Week of April

That faceplant looks like it left a mark. Inside and out. 

Bored? Watch the Best News Bloopers of March

Do you think newscasters are mortified when their mistakes show up on these things or do they see it as a badge of honor? Think

Watch a Compilation of the Best News Bloopers of March

You know you've seen a few too many viral videos lately when you start to recognize the obscure local-news bloopers in this compilation... from the

The ‘People Are Awesome 2013’ Compilation Will Give You Shivers

Way back in 2010, a video called "People are Awesome" blew up the Internet. Two long years have passed, and the creator of that video, Hadoukentheband—who must

Bored? Watch the Best WINS of the Winter

On about 90% of these stunts, it looks like you're about to see some sort of catastrophic death—and then they totally redeem themselves. Consider this

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This Epic ‘People Are Awesome 2012-2013’ Win Compilation

A little inspiration to end the year. 

Bored? Waste the Next 13 Minutes Watching the Best News Bloopers of 2012

Do it. Do it. Watch this video. You know you A) are pissed you had to go to work today or B) can't stand your

Check Out This Hilarious Compilation of Best News Bloopers in 2012

There's just something about a camera and a local news broadcast that makes mistakes people make so much funnier, isn't there?

This Extreme Sports-Heavy ‘Best of the Web’ Viral Video Compilation is Rather Dope

Complete in music video form, we have the best of the web's most breathtaking moments. 

Three Minutes of the Absolute Worst Deliverymen in the World

Ever get a package meticulously boxed by Amazon—with all the bubble wrap you could ever want to pop and all the secure tape in place