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A Compilation of the 100+ Best Sports Vines of All Time

When it comes to an amazing trick shot or sports highlight, six seconds is PLENTY of time. Insert: Vine. The guys at ESPN's SportsNation put

Bored? Watch the Best Vines of 2013 (So Far)

The best vines of 2013? THE BEST VINES OF 2013! Well, the best Vines through July anyway. Still a worthwhile way to waste 12-minutes of

Bored? Watch this Celebration Fails Compilation

Waste the next 7 minutes of your day watching a bunch of people not knowing how to act like they've been there before. 

Bored? Check Out 12-Minutes of HD Awesomeness in ‘This Is What the Internet Was Made For’

It's time to waste the next few minutes of your day and get EXTREME...in stunning HD. 

College Bro Records One-Second Each Day For An Entire Year, Drinks His Share of Natty

From January 24th, 2012 to January 23rd, 2013, one college Bro (from a school in Ohio, I think) filmed one, single second of his day

Bored? Check Out This Russians Are CRAZY Compilation

In Russia, you don't make video compilation, video compilation makes you...and it also makes silly Americans very entertained.

Bored? Check Out Part 2 of the Best News Bloopers of 2012

Can you possibly stomach anymore "best of 2012" posts? We think you can. Part 1 is here

2012 Was a Big Year for Sports Figures and Personalities Cursing on Live TV

I wish the uptight, shot-calling pricks in society and the FCC would stop holding people back and let us belt out vulgarity when we feel

Relive the Year That Was in Movies with This Tremendous ‘Filmography 2012’ Mashup

One of the better movie years in recent memory. What better way to honor it with this remarkable seven-minute gem of a compilation?

This ‘Best Workout Fail Compilation’ Is Difficult to Watch, But Equally Difficult To Look Away From

The trainwreck your eyes won't let you not see.