9 Out Of 10 House Keepers Recommend This Chick’s Sucking Power Over A Shop-Vac


In the game of suction power, one woman reigns supreme over all the vacuums on the market.

most chili dogs

Watch Molly Schuyler destroy a 5 pound plate of chili dogs


We've all hammered out a few too many chili dogs on one occasion or another, but nothing compares to seeing MILWE Molly Schuyler destroy 5 lbs of chili dogs in two minutes.


Soccer team holds eating contest and you’ll never guess who crashed the party


Every guy who can pack away a bunch of food in their gut thinks he'd be an amazing competitive eater.

Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie devours four Chipotle burritos in three minutes, but don’t worry, he drank a diet soda


Matt Stonie is a competitive eater who ate over five pounds of cake on his birthday.

Furious Pete

Furious Pete attempts to eat 20 eggs in one minute


I ate 8 eggs over the course of a day last week, and I thought I might die in my sleep.

raw onion eating record

LA Beast eats raw onion in record breaking attempt


Most frat guys know the pain of eating a raw onion, voluntarily of course, but LA Beast can do it much faster than you.

turducken eating record

15 unbelievable competitive eating records


We've all been proud (or ashamed) of how much we've eaten before, but these competitive eating records will make you look like an anorexic girl in a buffet line.

Joey Chestnut

Watch Joey Chestnut Eat 69 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes


Alleged human being Joey Chestnut stuffed 69 hot dogs into his stomach to break his own world record at Coney Island yesterday.

Tim Brown

Woman pounds 35 mac ‘n cheese corn dogs


The season finale of competitive eating show Stuffed lived up to its name.

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