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Wing Bowl 2014 Champion Eats 363 Wings and HER NAME Is Molly Schuyler So Bow Down

Wing Bowl 2014 is in the books. Bow down to the queen of Buffalo Wing munching.

Watch Joey Chestnut Eat 69 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes

Alleged human being Joey Chestnut stuffed 69 hot dogs into his stomach to break his own world record at Coney Island yesterday. To me, it’s

Takeru Kobayashi Reportedly Slams Down an Obscene 110 Hot Dogs

This is footage of eating legend Takeru Kobayashi at a New York State Fair in Syracuse this Sunday. His final total of 110 dogs (in

Competitive Eater Consumes Michael Phelps Diet (A Small House) In One Sitting

It's widely known that the most decorated Olympian of all-time also decorates his stomach with exorbitant amounts of food. And because the Olympics often inspires

Frat Dude Crushes Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

BroBible has sent me to Santa Themed Bar Crawls, Porno Awards, and Horse Races. A couple of weeks ago they sent me to an American

Watch Joey Chestnut Eat 68 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes

Joey Chestnut tied his personal record by eating 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win his sixth consecutive Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Watch Takeru Kobayashi Eat 13 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in 60 Seconds

A grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect meal for a bro light on funds. Put four slices of American cheese in between a

VIDEO: Competitive Eater ‘El Wingador’ Is an Absolute Beast, But Doesn’t ‘Do Hot Dogs’

Meet the other Bill Simmons, aka El Wingador, who's a competitive eating champion, including five times at the Philadelphia Wing Bowl. El Wingador prepares for

Takeru Kobayashi Sets a World Record By Stuffing His Face with 7.5 Pounds of Turkey In 10 Minutes

Once again, Kobayashi prove that he can do what isn't humanly possible by crushing 7.5 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes, shattering the previous record

VIDEO: Kobayashi Devours a Cheesesteak in 24.3 Seconds at Wing Bowl 19

It's the Friday of Super Bowl Weekend, which means the annual drunken, gluttonous debauchery known as Wing Bowl 19 went down in Philadelphia this morning