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Who is the Hot Girl in the AT&T ‘Supervisor’ Commercial?

I’ve seen the AT&T “Supervisor” commercial about a hundred times in the last month. It wasn’t until the hundred-and-first viewing that I noticed the “supervisor”

Carlton Dry Commercials Will Make You Want to Drink Beer, Have Friends

Companies spend a tremendous amount of time and money trying to figure how to best pitch their products when the obvious answer has been sitting

Danica Patrick Is Looking a Little Too Jacked These Days


Watch Tony Siragusa Star In An Unbearably Funny Commercial About Protecting Your Man Junk

If these commercials haven't hit you yet, the combination of all these things in one thirty second video is just fantastic. 

Audi’s ‘Prom’ Commercial for the Super Bowl Is a Very Good Commercial

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? 

Sofia Vergara’s First Pepsi Commercial from 22 Years Ago is Fap-Worthy

If someone told her 22-years ago that she'd go from supermodel to being fictitiously married to Al Bundy I think she might have blown her