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What Happens When Bryce Harper Takes the Field With Babe Ruth?

Two of the sweetest left-handed swings in history.

Iowa Senate Candidate Bob Quast’s Commercial Will Blow Your Balls Off

Glock the vote.

Ian Drake Narrates an Awkward First Date in Incredible ESPN World Cup Ad

Famed soccer announcer Ian Drake narrates the cheeky advances and silky smooth moves of a first date

The LA KISS Have a Really Weird Commercial

Team should really be in Detroit.

Watch a Zdeno Chara Slapshot Decapitate a Poor (Now Dead) Goalie

Sure, it’s just an ad for Warrior and not IRL, but it’s nonetheless fun to watch. And it could happen, [...]

What Year is This: Allen Iverson and Shawn Kemp Star in Reebok Commercial


Miranda Kerr’s New Reebok Ad Involves Some Naked Miranda Kerr

Not uncomfortable to look at.

Did Jerry Seinfeld Accuse a Popular Movie Of Stealing His Jokes?

Every year, Jerry Seinfeld inches closer to being that bitter old comedian who thinks the world of comedy owes him [...]

This Banned Carl’s Jr. Ad Features a Hot Chick Fellating the Daylights Out of a Sausage Link

If there's another way for a lady to eat a foot-long link of fast food sausage, I don't want to know about it. But let's

Lawyer In Georgia Airs the Most Badass Super Bowl Commercial Ever

Savannah lawyer Jamie Casino just won the hearts of the Internet with this incredible two-minute TV spot that airred only in the local Savannah DMA. It's like

Bro Perfectly Parodies the Beats by Dre Commercial

When you steal your coworkers' food and your boss's time, walking through the office can be tough. So like Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Garnett before you,

Who’s the Hot Redhead in McDonald’s Dollar Menu & More Commercial?

Is the McDonald’s Dollar Menu still around? I might be dreaming but I swore a couple months ago the Golden Arches said the Dollar Menu

Deaf Seattle Seahawks FB, Derrick Coleman, Has a Commercial That Will Make You Feel Emotions

Shit. I'm a 49ers fan and now I want to fuckin' root for this guy because his rise to the NFL was very unusual, improbable, inspirational.


This is What an Honest Viagra or Cialis Commercial Would Look Like

You've seen the commercials: Two old people hiking in the woods, or biking on a trail, or hosting a dinner party, or gardening, or just being

Bizarre Commercial Features Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery Staring Into a Woman’s Vagina

That is certainly quite an ad, Fox Sports 1. It's a bold choice to have a couple of announcing legends peer deep into a woman's

Am I High or Is This Old Spice Commercial The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Watched?

I ate a piece of pizza earlier this afternoon, but I'm pretty sure magic mushrooms weren't on it. Conclusion: I'm not tripping balls. This new Old

Here Is What LeBron James Looks Like Playing Golf, It Is Not a Pretty Sight

On the golf course, LeBron James is currently no Michael Jordan. In ten years, he'll probably carry a single digit handicap and leave this Barkley-esque swing


Here’s ‘Chuck Norris’ With a Way More Epic Split Than Jean-Claude Van Damme’s

First, Jean-Claude Van Damme did a split between two Volvo trucks, coming away with only minimal testicular damage. Channing Tatum's soon followed. And now the Hungarian

Apple’s New Holiday Commerical Might Give You a Feeling or Two

Hate on the commercialization of Christmas all you want. Sometimes brands get it right. 

Conan O’Brien Wants to Be a Big Commercial Star

Conan O’Brien has many talents. He’s shown them during his long and impressive career. One skill he’s not in possession of, though, is the ability


This Is, Allegedly, the Scariest Commercial Ever Made

You can thank the country of Japan for a commercial so frightening that it requires a health warning: "Not for the faint of heart. Please refrain

This Russian Tampon Commercial Gets Right to the Point

This is old, but I'm seeing it for the first time now. 

Tiger Woods’ Niece Cheyenne Woods Recreated His Famous Golf Ball Juggling Ad

If you didn't know, Tiger Woods' niece, Cheyenne, is also a professional golfer. After graduating from Wake Forest in 2012, she turned pro. Yesterday, clad in

A Genius Mashed Together Drunk Footage of Kiefer Sutherland and His Jose Cuervo Commercial

Jack Bauer would be the best drinking buddy ever. Cheers to the Opie and Anthony radio show for highlighting his greatest exploits.

Pistachio Commercial Features Dennis Rodman Getting Blown Up by Kim Jong Un

Now just what in the living hell is this? Why would this make anyone want to eat a pistachio?

Dick Fowler, P.I is Golf’s Biggest Badass

Dick Fowler, P.I., who is absolutely NOT Rickie Fowler with a bad mustache, is the answer to all of our golf etiquette problems. He’s out

Matt Bonner Eats Carrots While Rap Music Plays

Yup, it’s exactly as I described it in the title.

This Fake Cheez-It Commercial Brilliantly Tackles a Bro’s Daily Snacking Struggle

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of a chainsmoking sidekick/mentor. But I think we all can agree everyday snacking really is as epic

MC Hammer Had a Taco Bell Commercial in the 90s and It Is Fantastic

Hammer don't hurt 'em! Also, a $.59 taco?!?! I want to live in that America again. 

This Mashup of Commercial Jingles Will Make You Want to Buy Something

Is there any higher art in the world than crafting a catchy commercial jingle? Say what you want, but getting a crappy little diddy stuck

Tiger Woods Looks Super Athletic in His New Nike Commercial

Tiger Woods and some other golfers will compete for the U.S. Open title this week. Nike, being the smart brand they are, decided to release

Check Out Pamela Anderson’s Steamy Commercial Banned in the UK for Being ‘Degrading to Women”

Pamela Anderson? Banned? Two words highly applicable to the video below, a commercial from Dreamscape Networks--the objective of which was to add a bit of

People are Losing Their Sh*t Over a Cheerios Commercial With an Interracial Family

You know who didn’t offend anyone? Tony the Tiger.

12 TV Commercial Personalities I Want to Punch in the Face

There are two types of commercials that are seen everyday: The good commercials; the ones that will make you laugh no matter what, like this

The Rapping Real Estate Agent Is Truly a Sight to See

Rafael A. Perez was a real estate agent with a problem: His commercials were too serious. So he found his inner Nas and delivered this,

K-Mart’s New Commercial is a Heaping Pile of Sh*t

When you think about cutting-edge companies, K-Mart doesn’t exactly leap to the forefront of your mind. But perhaps that will change after this poop-joke heavy

The 15 Commercials of March Madness, Ranked

The Monday after the NCAA Tournament's first weekend is a difficult Monday. Bleary-eyed and over-stimulated, millions of men across the country went to work or

The ‘Brutally Honest Grandpa’ In This New Oscar Meyer Commercial Is a Great Man

Being old seems like it'd mostly suck, but it's gotta be awfully nice to have ZERO impetus to give a shit. No jobs or relationships

Pissed Off Grandma Files a Hilarious FCC Complaint About the Bar Rafaeli Make-Out Commercial

Uh-oh. Some angry, self-righteous Americans on a moral crusade against supermodels making out with nerds have filed some interesting complaints to the FCC, who will

Watch an Undercover Jeff Gordon Take Hapless Car Salesman on an Amazing Test Drive

The undercover-athlete-crashes-an-event schtick isn't new. Who will be able to forget Kyrie "Uncle Drew" Irving showing up all those "young bloods" at that streetball