false advertising

The 7 Most Blatant Lies Famous Brands Based Entire Ads On


You mean the advertisements we see aren't always 100% truthful.


New AT&T Commercial Reminds Us All Joe Montana Was Pretty Damn Good At The Footballs


As is their typical weekly tradition, Herschel Walker, Doug Flutie, Bo Jackson and Joe Montana got together to watch a little college football.


Even The Manliest Of Bros Will Tear Up Watching This Holiday Commercial Featuring A Little Boy And His Penguin


There’s a clothing store up the street from our office that already has a Christmas tree with fake gifts sitting underneath it sitting in their front window and it’s not even Thanksgiving.


Who Is The Hot Alabama Fan In The ESPN ‘Who’s In?’ Commercial?


There are a couple hot fans in the ESPN "Who's In" college football playoffs commercial but most bros only care about the knockout Alabama fan sitting shotgun.

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