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I Got Blackout Drunk At Comic Con And Allegedly Spent Most Of The Night Slapping A Celebrity In The Nuts


This weekend, thousand of comic, movie, TV and wrestling fans will descend upon the Javitz Center in New York City for the annual Comic Con event.

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Which Superhero Should Fight ISIS, According To Nerds At Comic-Con


New York Comic-Con opened today and our friends at Animal New York asked some of the costumed nerds in attendance which superhero would be best to fight ISIS.

stephen colbert

Stephen Colbert Went Undercover At Comic Con As A Hawk-Cat-Eagle-Thing With A Sword


Good ol’ Stephen Colbert, goin’ out there and doing the weird shit you talk about doing with your friends but would never actually do because none of you have the balls for it.


Guess who showed up at the WWE Comic-Con panel?


  If you guessed Crash Holly, you're way off.

San Diego Comic Con International

These 2014 Comic-Con pick-up lines are guaranteed to not get you laid


2014 Comic-Con International in San Diego kicks off just two days from now, and that means a lot of horny dudes in costume will be traveling to So-Cal trying to get laid.

Veronica Mars web site

First look at the official ‘Veronica Mars’ movie


The Veronica Mars movie is by far one of the biggest success stories as far as films being made thanks to Kickstarter.

walking dead trailer

‘Walking Dead’ Comic-Con trailer shows life sucks


The Walking Dead released a 4+ minute trailer for Season 4 at Comic-Con this weekend, and it looks like zombies are back to being the biggest threat to Rick and his merry band of survivors.

Vin Diesel

‘Riddick’ Comic-Con red band trailer features epic kill shot


Riddick unveiled a a new red band trailer at Comic-Con, and we finally see Vin Diesel keep good on his threat to kill a guy in less than five seconds.

through the never release date

James Hetfield on ‘Metallica Through the Never’


James Hetfield took some time at Comic-Com this weekend to talk about the new movie Metallica Through the Never.


‘Kick-Ass 2’ Stuntman Saves Woman from Suicide Attempt at Comic-Con


Kick-Ass 2 had a big promotional blitz at Comic-Con this weekend, releasing an extended red-band trailer heavy on the gore and profanity, co-throwing a party with Playboy, and hosting one of the most heavily attended panels of the gala.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ trailer


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer throws fan favorite Jennifer Lawrence back into the action as Katniss Everdeen.


‘Amazing Spiderman 2′ comic con teaser debuts Electro


Jamie Foxx has been leaking secrets about Electro in Amazing Spiderman 2 for months.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

‘The Hobbit’ releases production footage; skipping Comic-Con


The bad news is that Peter Jackson and friends won't be appearing at Comic-Con.

Video games

A trip to New York Comic Con, as a First Person Shooter


Instead of shooting throngs of costumed dorks, you're mostly just standing in line behind them, and trying not to piss your pants.

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