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Remember That R-Rated Deadpool Test Footage? Well Now It’s Been ‘Officially’ Released, So You Can Watch It In Hi Res

Fuck that bootleg cam-copy shit.

This Map Shows Where Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Are From…Because Why Not.

Bitches love maps.

Geeks Are Freaking Out About This PIc of Pornstar Kimberly Kane as ‘Wonder Woman’

Comic book/movie fanboys -- a.k.a. 61% of the entire Internet -- are geeking out over this picture of porn star Kimberly Kane posing as Wonder

Superman and WonderWoman Finally Hook Up

I’m not the only one picturing these two having gravity-defying sex, am I?

Green Lantern vs. This Summer’s Other Super Heroes: The Throwdown

This Friday, “Green Lantern,” DC’s first comic book movie of the summer, hits theaters. Vancouver pretty boy Ryan Reynolds will slip on the ring and