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Singapore’s Anti-Gambling PSA is Actually a Pro-Gambling Hype Video

Gambling: perfectly healthy.

Jimmy Fallon and The Rock are ‘The Fungo Brothers,’ America’s Worst Fitness Duo

Two guys who look remarkably similar in tank tops.

Top 10 Funniest Sports Sketches Ever

Will Ferrell's Harry Caray sketch is way up on this list.

Comedian Tells a Ridiculous Story About Doing Ecstasy In a Bar with the Lead Singer of Sum 41

"I'm Deryck fucking Whibley."

Egypt Seems Chill: Their Version of Jon Stewart Forced to Quit Citing Threats

Who needs comedy when you have violent rioting?

Patton Oswalt Is Quitting Social Media For the Summer

The world will be a little less funny for a bit.

The Best Tidbits from Adam Sandler’s Awesome Interview On Norm Macdonald Live

Sandler speaks on why he won't host SNL, and whether or not he'll ever do a sequel to Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore.

NBC’s Fall Lineup, Now With 100% More School Shooting Jokes

This sounds like it could backfire.

President Obama Destroyed CNN in Pretty Funny White House Correspondent’s Dinner Speech

Poor CNN.

The 10 Most Brilliant Comedy Gems Hiding on YouTube

If you haven't seen these ten clips, well, do so now.

The Red Band Trailer for Damon Wayans Jr’s New Movie ‘Let’s Be Cops’ is Here

There are a lot of promising looking movies coming up in the Hollywood pipeline, but one potential sleeper hit might be Let's Be Cops

10 Things to Know About Doing Stand-Up Comedy

Write everything down.

The Kroll Show Nails It With How Philly and Pittsburgh Kind of Can’t Stand Each Other

This week on “The Kroll Show,” Nick took a couple of jabs at how Pennsylvania’s two biggest cities love beefing […]

Howard Stern Bashes Jay Leno on Season Finale of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

“The King of All Media” Howard Stern recently celebrated his 60th birthday with a huge bash in New York City. […]

Hilarious Pharmaceutical Commercial Asks, ‘Is Not Having Kids Right for You?’

We gotta say, the drug does make a compelling case. [H/T: Devour]

This Great Sketch Perfectly Shows the Terribleness of Conference Calls

Fun fact: There has never been a conference call in the history of business that went off without a hitch. 

New Study Finds Funny People Are Usually Psychos

Are you funny? Do people often say how funny you are? Can you make people laugh and make light of even the most tense situation?

Comedian Rob Riggle Hilariously Breaks Down How to Deal with Party Fouls

Last week one of BroBible's favorite comedians, Rob Riggle, swung by the office to chat it up about the Bud Light Hotel coming to New

Watch a Comedian Get Heckled by a Military Guy and Handle It Masterfully

This isn't really a heckle so much as a perfect interaction between a military member and comedian Deepak Sethi at the L.A. Comedy Club recently. Enough

Louis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld Hang Out on a Boat in New Season of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

A cool, unexpected byproduct of Louis C.K.'s recent success is that you feel like you've helped him get there. This is true in a traditional sense—you supported

Sketch Comedy Masters ‘ItsTheReal’ Drop Christmas Banger ‘Jews for Jesus Piece’

Earlier this year comedy's finest hip-hop group (or is it hip-hop's finest comedy group?), ItsTheReal, dropped their new wonderfully titled new mixtape, Urbane Outfitters. It's

Bo Burnham Just Released His New Hour-Long Comedy Special for Free on YouTube: Here It Is

We haven't yet carved out an hour to watch Bo Burnham's new special what., but the comedian is one of our favorites around here and "From

Watch Comedian Chris D’Elia Call Justin Bieber a Bitch to His Face

Well, sort of. Justin Bieber went on stage during Chris D'Elia's set last week at the Laugh Factory and, surprisingly, let the comedian roast him.

Bo Burnham Teases Comedy Special with Great Song ‘From God’s Perspective’

Five years ago, Bo Burnham seemed a flash in the pan. Sure, he was one of the first big YouTube stars, and sure, he got

Something Something the Holocaust: ‘The Jeselnik Offensive’ Has Been Canceled

In a performance at the New York Comedy Festival this weekend, stand-up comedian Anthony Jeselnik told a suprised crowd that his show, The Jeselnik Offensive, has been

The 5 Best One-Word Punchlines in Comedy History

Her? HER?! HER?!?!?!?!? 

Aziz Ansari Has a Hilarious Stand-Up Bit on Black Dudes Watching Magic Shows

New favorite outlook on life: “Do you realize how much better the world would be if we all just treated each other the way black

The Season 3 Trailer for Key and Peele Is Really Out of Control

Whether it's outdoing each other in the hat game, or making fun of substitute teachers, Key & Peele have solidified themselves as some of the

Patton Oswalt Hilariously Trolled His Twitter Followers with Two-Part Tweets

Patton Oswalt is a terrifically funny dude who won Twitter yesterday. In a series of two-part politically-twinged tweets, the comedian spent all afternoon blasting horrifying

Watch An Interview with a 26 Year-Old Louis CK

Before he became critically adored by all the people, Louis CK was a writer for Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The Paley center released this old

Scientists Attempt to Create Real-Life Funnybot, Come Away with Computer That Tells Sh*tty Jokes

A team of wacky University of Edinburgh scientists have programmed a computer to generate one-liners following a "specific set of rules," creating jokes that rely

Patton Oswalt’s First Acting Gig Is Absolutely Amazing

Everyone starts somewhere. Patton Oswalt started his TV career with an educational video on student loans, seen above. The comedian is responsible for the "What's

This Animated Short of a Classic Louis CK Bit Is Hilarious

Deep into his "Live at the Beacon Theater" special, Louis CK riffs on one of his favorite subjects: Humanity, and how generally awful and selfish we

Tiny Diapers for Your Penis and Other Kickstarters That Might As Well Exist

We've reached Peak Kickstarter. There are no more good ideas. NYC sketch comedy group The Bilderbergers (#illuminati) satirize that well in this funny series of

6 Truly Legendary Instances of Comedians Taking Down Hecklers

People being unable to shut the hell up has long been a staple of human life. Arguably, this is the primary reason why hecklers at

‘Commentary on a First Date’ Hilariously Takes Us Into the Warped Minds of Both Parties

From the people who made this excellent "Friendly Dating Advice" video, we have a new take on the weirdness that ensues on a first date.

Patton Oswalt Wrote an Amazing Letter on Comics Stealing, Heckling, and Rape Jokes

Patton Oswalt is a really, really smart dude, and he can hold court better than any comedian on "issues" as diverse as an Avengers and Star

Mitch Hedberg’s Wife Opened Up His Previously Private Comedy Notebooks to GQ. They’re Marvelous.

As the excellent GQ piece notes, "Mitch Hedberg was Twitter before Twitter." Widely regarded as one of the best (and most beloved) comedians of all-time,

Nathan Fielder’s Latest Diabolical Twitter Prank Involves Texting Parents About STDs.

Off the heels of his excellent Comedy Central show, Nathan Fielder has become the master of the twitter prank. His first two somewhat broke, if

Aziz Ansari Talks About Getting Too Old for Late Nights, Developing His New Standup Material

Youngman Aziz Ansari isn't so young anymore. He recently hit the big 3-0, and with that comes things like maturing and being tired. In this