Pittsburgh Penguins

Marc-Andre Fleury kinda sucks, single-handedly blew a lead with seconds left in regulation


The Pittsburgh-Columbus playoff series is all knotted up at two thanks in large part to this gaffe by Marc-Andre Fleury.

Mickey Redmond

Fox Sports Detroit announcer loses his mind after bad call


A heated battle between the Red Wings and Blue Jackets took an ugly turn in the third period when the refs decided to take over.

Montreal Canadiens

Watch this glass-banging hockey fan get obliterated by a hard hit at Canadiens game


If you want to stand there all night at a hockey game banging on the glass, giving everyone a headache and obstructing the view of those behind you then you must prepare yourself for the consequences.


Damien Brunner Wins Shootout With Goal of the Year Candidate


We hope you Puckheads are enjoying the young NHL season.

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