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Columbia Girls Film Themselves Naked and Making Out in School Library, All for the Sake of Art

"Some college feminists challenged the patriarchy recently by filming themselves cavorting naked in Columbia University’s Butler Library, for an artsy think-piece about sorority initiation called

Michigan State’s Izzone Tricked Columbia Into 2 Shot-Clock Violations

The good news for soon-to-be No. 1 Michigan State is that the Izzone helped defeat Columbia on Friday night. The bad news for soon-to-be No.

Columbia University Students Would Rather Give Up Oral Sex Than Cheese

Columbia University student blog Bwog.com recently crunched the numbers on a question it frequently asks Columbia seniors in its quirky senior survey: Would you rather give

Columbia University Class of 2017 Acceptee Writes Humblebrag Blog Post About Getting Into College

Columbia University Class of 2017 acceptee Noah Samotin had his college application essay "leaked" on the Internet, which "went viral" (...but not sorority girl e-mail

Columbia Fraternity Has Pledge Scavenger Hunt Details Leak—Here’s the Funny List

Columbia University gossip blog Bwog posted a list that's pretty clearly for a pledge scavenger hunt today after a tipster "found it by a printer" and

Read a Long, Rambling Missed Connection By a Coconut Water-Drinking Columbia Student

Pretty sure I could have read David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest in the same amount of time it took to read this massive missed connection

52-Year Old Janitor Graduates from Columbia With Honors

Pretty badbass story from New York's Upper West Side, where 52-year-old Gac Filipaj -- a janitor at the Columbia university -- is about to graduate

A Few More Photos of the Colombian Hooker from the Secret Service Scandal

We first showed you this chick, at the center of a stupid Secret Service scandal, yesterday when her first photo blazed a trail around the

Five Columbia Students Arrested for Selling Cocaine, Pot, Ecstasy, Adderall, and LSD in Frat Houses

Read that headline carefully. That's "Columbia,"  -- the Ivy League university in New York City -- not "Colombia," the underdeveloped country in northern South America