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The Colorado State Snapchat Account Has A Thing Called ‘Titty Tuesday,’ Need I Say More? Okay, Drugs. Lots Of Drugs.


If you’ve never visited Colorado State then you, my friend (just kidding we’re not friends), are royally fucking up your life.


Today’s Weed Is Three Times Stronger Than 80’s Marijuana, So Remember To Always Toke In Moderation

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A new study testing the THC content of legalized marijuana in Colorado has yielded some surprising results, mainly that today's strains of weed can carry a potency of 30% THC content or more, whereas the strains of yesteryear were typically well below 10% THC content (meaning the THC would make up less than 10% of the bud).


Higher Education? Law Schools Across The Nation Offering ‘Marijuana Law’ Courses


Higher education will never be the same, because law schools all across the nation are clamoring to offer courses on 'Marijuana Law' to keep up with the rising demand for citizens who are knowledgeable of the ins and outs regarding legalized weed.


Legal Marijuana Is The Fastest Growing Industry In The United States


This past weekend I was in Aspen, Colorado for the Winter X-Games.

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Johnny Manziel Photobomb In Picturesque Aspen While Drinking His Favorite Beer


These people thought they were real slick by taking a beautiful photo of the Rocky Mountains in Aspen and just so happened to get Johnny Manziel in frame.


Colorado Is Offering $1 Joints For Black Friday Just To Prove How Much Cooler They Are Than The Rest Of Us


Unless you've been living in a cave I'm sure you're aware that weed is completely legal in the state of Colorado for recreational usage if you're old enough.

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Colorado State Student Allegedly Took Molly, Immediately Has A Seizure, Steals An Ambulance And Jerks Off In A Police Station

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I get really annoyed with news stories that imply taking certain drugs made people go bonkers, like this story out of Fort Collins, Colorado, about Colorado State Student Stefan Sortland who allegedly took molly and snorted some coke before going to a Halloween concert…and then went and wrecked shit around town.


This Owl Is High, Laughing, And I Just Can’t You Guys


I fully understand that this owl is not Hedwig, and it's not high, and Hedwig was never real to begin with.

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