Map Ranks the 50 Most Desirable Colleges In the United States


Today the visual data junkies at eCollegeFinder have created a map ranking the “Most Desirable” Universities in each state, ranked by which college received the most undergraduate applications in the fall of 2013.


And the Best Fictional Movie College of All Time Is Faber College!


After thousands of votes, the numbers have been tallied and we are excited to announce that.

Ivy League

Dude Gets Into All Eight Ivy League Schools, Becomes Enemy No. 1 for High School Seniors Everywhere


Meet the guy wrecking yield rates for Brown, UPenn, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth.

Wastes of money

These 10 U.S. Colleges Are a Waste of Money and Leave Students Poor


If you go to or graduated from these institutions don't shoot the fucking messenger.

top party schools

The Top 20 Party Schools Based on Return On Investment


Here are the Top 20 schools where you'll still be able to make an income off your degree in the job market while enjoying the fun of college.

google auto complete

Google Autocompletes Stereotypes For Colleges And Their Sports Teams Across The Country


  The "US Map of (enter random thing)" game is so hot right now and our friends at College Spun are taking full advantage of that with their college stereotype map based on Google autocompletes.


Is High Point University a College or a Country Club?


Note to self: When I'm reincarinated, go to High Point University.

fordham university

Congrats, You’re Going to Fordham! Just Kidding, Screw You


On Wednesday, 2,500 high school seniors received letters from Fordham University that said they had been accepted into the New York-based college.


Cornell Just Accidentally Destroyed Over $200,000 of Horse Semen


It's a tale as old as higher education itself: An Ivy League school collects 212 units of semen collected from a Holsteiner horse.

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