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The Difference Between Being Drunk And Being CLASSY

It’s a fine line you are walking, but with the right advice, you can pretend to be much classier than […]

Hilarious Video Asks, ‘What If Google Was a Guy?’

Everything you ask Google sounds a lot dumber when you actually ask Google.

Here’s the Trailer for CollegeHumor’s First-Ever Film, ‘Coffee Town’

A really promising cast—It's Always Sunny's Glenn Howerton, Parks and Rec's Ben Schwartz, Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki, and STEVIE from Eastbound & Down—star in the

The Definitive List of Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Roommate, But Can’t

Our bros at CollegeHumor hit the nail on the head here. Sometimes your hatred toward the roomie isn't... good. But dammit, there are issues.

Why Everything You Learned as a Kid Is Wrong

Remember all those priceless life lessons passed on to us in elementary school? They didn't apply to talking to women at bars.

What if ‘Spring Breakers’ Starred (Hot) Disney Princesses?

"Spring Breakers" is taking over theaters this weekend. But what if it starred Cinderella, Jasmine, and the Genie as James Franco's Alien?