sec football

Arkansas Frat Daddy’s Car Is A Trash Talking Masterpiece


Never mind the fact that the Arkansas Razorbacks football team is 14-23 since 2012, and are a perennial punching bag for every other SEC football team, this frat daddy from Arkansas is displaying his school pride for the whole world to see.

odd jobs

This College Student Sells Her Used Panties To Men And Some Of Their Requests Are Absolutely Disgusting

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With the rising cost of living and college tuition fees, many college students find themselves in a mountain of debt upon graduation.

Mad Men

Jon Hamm Reportedly Hazed The SHIT Outta Pledges While In College At The University Of Texas At Austin


I spent the last 3 weeks binging on Mad Men, and after seeing Jon Ham waltz around as the suave Donald Draper this news doesn’t surprise me whatsoever.


These Students Are Using Virtual Reality Technology So You Can Have A College Experience…Without Going To College


Have you recently graduated college and begun to feel nostalgic for your “glory days”.

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