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Auburn University Bro Found This Mathematical Equation Trying To Solve For ‘Basic White Girls’ In His Classroom


Twitter I'm no mathematician, and even looking at equations like this make my brain want to fucking explode, but I think this young Will Hunting might be on to something.


Why You Should 100% Always Take A ‘Victory Lap’ After Your Senior Year Of College


Six months before I graduated college I had a minor crisis in my life that arrived in the form of an email.

Kanye West

Kanye West Taught A College Class And Spent Most Of It Talking About Himself


Kanye West is 37 years old, which means that with 37 years of experience under his belt he's the leading expert on what people would have you believe is one of the world’s most thought-provoking and engrossing topics: Himself.

iron stomach challenge

This College Bro Lost The ‘Iron Stomach Challenge’ In Best/Worst Way Imaginable


YouTube This is video from the Iron Stomach challenge at the University College Dublin.

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Lil Dicky Is BACK With Your New Fall Anthem: ‘Lemme Freak’


It's been a hot minute since we've seen a music video from Richmond Spider turned rapper Lil Dicky, but today he's back with a hot new video titled 'Lemme Freak.

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Arizona State University Is Developing Jetpacks To Help U.S. Combat Soldiers Run Faster


Every now and then we need a reminder that college isn't just about chugging beer and getting laid; it's about working your ass off in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation to make the world a better, more kickass place.


College Professor Shames Student For Writing Terrible Email By Dissecting Its Shittiness On YouTube

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Hot Tip: When writing an email to anyone that you don't know, in a semi-professional setting, it's best not to write it like a total asshat.

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