iron stomach challenge

This College Bro Lost The ‘Iron Stomach Challenge’ In Best/Worst Way Imaginable


YouTube This is video from the Iron Stomach challenge at the University College Dublin.

lil dicky

Lil Dicky Is BACK With Your New Fall Anthem: ‘Lemme Freak’


It's been a hot minute since we've seen a music video from Richmond Spider turned rapper Lil Dicky, but today he's back with a hot new video titled 'Lemme Freak.

arizona state

Arizona State University Is Developing Jetpacks To Help U.S. Combat Soldiers Run Faster


Every now and then we need a reminder that college isn't just about chugging beer and getting laid; it's about working your ass off in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation to make the world a better, more kickass place.


College Professor Shames Student For Writing Terrible Email By Dissecting Its Shittiness On YouTube

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Hot Tip: When writing an email to anyone that you don't know, in a semi-professional setting, it's best not to write it like a total asshat.

student debt

Have A Shit Load Of Student Debt? John Oliver Discussed The Horrifying Realities Of It On ‘Last Week Tonight’


The amount of student debt currently outstanding in the United States is over $1 trillion.

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