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Phi Delta Theta At UPenn Put A Beyoncé Sex Doll In Their Christmas Card And People Are Pissed

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I don't offend easily, but I'm starting to get offended over how easily offended everyone in America seems to get these days.


This Supercut From Every Major Party In Movie History Will Get You So Jacked Up You’ll Forget About Finals


Sometimes when life is closing in around you, and finals are tearing you apart, the only thing that can get your mind off your studies is an absolute rager.


Sigma Alpha Epsilon At Clemson University Got Suspended For Holding A ‘Merry Cripmas’ Themed Party


As I’ve learned time and time again from playing hours on hours of Pokemon, there is a time and a place for everything: Using an electric hair dryer while taking a bath.


7 Ways To Make Sure Your Next Party Isn’t As Shitty As The Last One


High school was prime time for house parties; no one was of legal drinking age and everyone looked forward to walking the halls Monday morning eyeing the kids who either publicly threw up or got walked in on.


I Dare You To Drunkenly Pass Out In A WORSE Place Than Where This University Of Plymouth Student Wound Up


If you’re a college freshman and haven’t blacked out at least 3 times by the end of your fall semester, you’re doing something wrong.

true stories

Why Every Semester I Pray There Are No Hot Chicks In My Class, According To A College Professor


When I confess to strangers my occupation, men always ask the same question: “Do you get to have sex with your students.

college vs high school

The Difference Between High School You And College You


It's amazing how much you come out of your shell during the best four years of your life.

school shootings

There Was A Shooting In FSU’s Library This Morning, Wounding Three Students (Video)


Scary and tragic news coming out of Florida State University this morning.


8 Beloved College Mascots That People Forget Are Actually Incredibly Dangerous Animals


College football took a page right out of Jungle Book when they picked these live mascots to represent their university.

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