This Guy Sent Out An Invitation For The Girls In His Class To Join Him In Bed Via Listserve After Class Was Cancelled


For some reason I was never lucky enough to enroll in classes where the professors were like “Fuck this noise, I’m not about class today,” which meant I never got to have my classes cancelled.

public speaking

Tennessee Tech Bro Gives The Greatest Speech Ever About Dildos


Public speaking can often be a required course at schools where some component of public speaking isn't already rolled up within your major.


Professor Who Was Suspended For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Shirt Lays The Smack Down On School, Wins


Back in April the story broke that an animation professor at Bergen Community College was suspended after administrators deemed him a threat.


This Kid Burned Down His College Campus In An Attempt To Make A ‘Fancy’ Marriage Proposal To His Girlfriend


Shutterstock Did you know that there’s a 50% chance that your girlfriend won’t give a shit about how you propose and only cares that you actually went and proposed in the first place.


Today’s Worst Hangover Belongs To The Kid Who Barfed In The Middle Of Class Right After ‘Jagermeister’ Was Mentioned


Out of all the hangovers I had in college, the worst one was when I had blacked out off of cranberry vodka’s on a Tuesday night, then had to take a Plan Sciences midterm the next morning.


What A Bro’s College Major Says About Him


You can glean a hell of a lot about a Bro based on what his major in college is or was.


If You’re Trying To Get Laid All The Time, These Are The 50 Best Colleges To Go To


If you’re trying to have sloppy drunk sex 3 out of the 7 nights of the week then it looks like these 50 colleges are the most likely places to have that happen…but who are we kidding.

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