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Arizona State University Is Developing Jetpacks To Help U.S. Combat Soldiers Run Faster


Every now and then we need a reminder that college isn't just about chugging beer and getting laid; it's about working your ass off in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation to make the world a better, more kickass place.


College Professor Shames Student For Writing Terrible Email By Dissecting Its Shittiness On YouTube

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Hot Tip: When writing an email to anyone that you don't know, in a semi-professional setting, it's best not to write it like a total asshat.

student debt

Have A Shit Load Of Student Debt? John Oliver Discussed The Horrifying Realities Of It On ‘Last Week Tonight’


The amount of student debt currently outstanding in the United States is over $1 trillion.

mistakes freshmen make

10 embarrassing mistakes every college freshman will make


Freshmen are clueless when it comes to what college life will be like, and this video very clearly illustrates that.

Types of ex girlfriends

The 6 ex-girlfriends you’ll have in college


Studying in college is pretty important, but the lasting lessons come from the relationships you have.

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