11 Things You Wish You’d Done BEFORE Graduating College

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Looking back on college I can’t say that I have many regrets, but there are a few things that I would done differently knowing what I know now.


This College Financial Aid Director Was Arrested For Exchanging Grant Money For Blowjobs From Students On Craigslist


Are you poor and can’t afford college without incurring a shitwad of student loans that you’ll never be able to pay off.


These College Kids Pranked Their Drunk Friend By Completely Covering His Entire Dorm Room In Foil


Tab There’s nothing like going out, getting drunk and then coming home to your cozy lil’ bed and eating an entire delivery pizza all to yourself as you chug water and hope you won’t be hungover as balls in the morning.


Fiji Fraternity At University Of Texas Threw A ‘Border Patrol’ Party, Immediately Regretted That Decision


Julia Brouillette - The Daily Texan This story has me straddling a fence right now.


HEY YOU: Show Us How Bangin’ Your University, Frat, Sorority Or WHATEVER Is Because We Wanna Share It With The World


Every single day here at the BroBible office we get bombarded with a horde of emails.


These 20 Colleges Have The Most Coeds Signing Up To Get Paid For Sex


This month 'Seeking Arrangement' released their annual list of the fastest growing 'Sugar Baby Schools', aka which schools have the most students willing to get paid to have sex with an old person.

indiana jones

Smartass College Student Blasts ‘Indiana Jones’ Theme As Indiana Jones-Looking Professor Enters Classroom


A clever -- and brave -- Kent State University student spiced up his music appreciation class by playing the iconic Indiana Jones theme as his hat-wearing professor ambled to the front of the classroom.


This Guy Learned That Playing ‘Capture The Flag’ On A College Campus Could End With You Looking Like A Rapist


Capture the Flag and Kick the Can consumed a lot of summer nights during the awkward years of my childhood.

Real World

8 Things From Your College Apartment That You Shouldn’t Keep After You Graduate


The end of college is approaching faster than you could have ever predicted, catapulting you do the unthinkable —take inventory of all the useless belongings you’ve collected over the last four years.

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