greek life

Dear Universities, Stop Blaming Greek Life For Everything


There’s nothing a university loves more than a scapegoat, especially one made of students and easily cracked down on to make a public overture of “progress” in dealing with a problem.

child prodigy

11-Year-Old Bro Just Graduated College With 3 Degrees, Plans On Becoming POTUS Next


At only 11-years-old Tanishq Abraham just graduated from American River College in Sacramento with not one, not two, but THREE associate degrees.

fake diploma

A Pakistani Company Is Making Millions Selling Fake College Diplomas For Those Of You Who Bombed Your Finals


A Pakistani software company called Axact is making tens of millions of dollar selling fake diplomas and college degrees, and I'll be paying for my real college degree until I'm senile and talking to myself on a bus stop bench.

prank videos

Gonzaga Bro Scares Easily, So Naturally His Roommates Prank The Life Out Of Him For An Entire Year


The story goes that these Gonzaga bros discovered very early on that their roommate Kedo (Chris) was a big, cowardly lion.

louisiana state university

LSU Building $85 Million L-S-U Shaped Lazy River On Campus, As School Considers Bankruptcy


WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL, if we wanted to cool off, we'd rocket water balloons at each other and target the girls in the white tank tops.

University of Central Florida

Kappa Sigma At UCF’s Key West Fest Featured INSANELY Hot Chicks And Raising Over $30,000 For Charity


Via a tipster down our tip line: Every year we [Kappa Sigma] fill our parking lot with 200 tons of sand, effectively turning it into a beach, giving an authentic Key West feel while making the event highly unique in nature.


The 5 Worst University Departments On Every College Campus


Universities, as large academic institutions, are going to have some bureaucracy built in.

sec football

Arkansas Frat Daddy’s Car Is A Trash Talking Masterpiece


Never mind the fact that the Arkansas Razorbacks football team is 14-23 since 2012, and are a perennial punching bag for every other SEC football team, this frat daddy from Arkansas is displaying his school pride for the whole world to see.

odd jobs

This College Student Sells Her Used Panties To Men And Some Of Their Requests Are Absolutely Disgusting

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With the rising cost of living and college tuition fees, many college students find themselves in a mountain of debt upon graduation.

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