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I Can’t Stop Laughing At These Hilarious @Collegefession Videos

The Twitter handle @Collegefession has been on my radar for about two months now.

Bro Makes an ‘I’m Shmacked’-Esque Video About His Freshman Year at Community College

On Friday night a couple of BroBible editors were drinking beers and eating fried chicken in the East Village talking about how funny it'd be

Da’Quan Goes to Ithaca College and Cornell University, Tailgates HARD for Cortaca

It's your boi Da'Quan baaaaacccck in da placeeee. BroBible favorite Da'Quan recently headed upstate to Ithaca to pay a visit to Ithaca College and Cornell on

Meet the Savior of the Student Section at the University of Nevada

Highly amusing video from the University of Nevada, where a man by the name of "J.C." hangs out in the Wolf Pack student section. Also... Who

This Purdue University Rap Video Is So Bad, It’s Kind of Enjoyable

Oh, how I've missed school spirit videos like this. Indiana University kids are going to love this hilariously-terrible rap video of Purdue students making fools

Ever Wonder What College Bros Were Like in the ‘80s?

Absolutely amazing throwback video here from NC State circa sometime in the 1980s. This is what I'm Shmacked would look like on VCRs. I think

I’m Shmacked x East Carolina University

After a stop in Happy Valley, the I'm Shmacked crew headed down to Greenville, North Carolina to rage with East Carolina's Pirate Nation.

I’m Shmacked x Penn State University, Syllabus Week

For their first video of the Spring 2013 semester, I'm Shmacked heads to my alma mater, Penn State, to rage Happy Valley-style during syllabus week. If

Does This ‘Crackas In Austin’ Rap Video Bring Shame to Longhorns Fans Everywhere?

Show of hands if you actually laughed at this video. These college rap "parody" videos keep getting worse and worse and worse. The

Here’s A Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at West Virginia University

Back in September, we showed you two videos from a 12-part doc*mentary series about college parties called "I'm Shmacked."  The project aims to

VIDEOS: Miami Frat Bro Teaches You How to Detonate a Beer, Jump Nekked Mantis-Style into Pool

What are we thankful for at BroBible this week? Well, loyal readers like Ben, a Pike at the U who sent in these five videos