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6 Craziest College Traditions

Macalester College in Minnesota has maybe the coolest tradition we've ever heard: When you have sex on campus, you earn the right to ring the bell.

This Awesome Video from Ohio State’s Mirror Lake Jump 2013 Will Make You Very, Very Cold

Andy already reported on the incredible speech one Ohio State Bro gave before this year's annual Mirror Lake jump. Here's a follow-up video that captures

The 10 Stages of an All-Nighter

The college all-nighter isn’t so much as rite of passage as it is a self-imposed confirmation that you adhere an ideology that bleeds work hard/play

Three College-Related Lists and Rankings to Bring to Your Attention

It's been an unusually busy week for college rankings. Here are three college-related lists that we'd like to bring to every Bro's attention: 25 schools