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College Students At Texas Tech Don’t Know Who Won The Civil War Or Who The Vice President Is


Texas Tech's student political organization PoliTech went around campus with a camera to see how much our students know about basic, elementary school-level American history.


Zaching: What One Brave Guy from the University of Maryland Means to Me


When we get really sick for an extended period of time, most of us mope around and pout.


A College Student Lit Himself on Fire While Hundreds Watched on Webcam


It's a common refrain among people who spend too much time on the Internet that the Internet is making us all lose our fucking minds.

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Jon Stewart’s Advice to New and Returning College Students


Today is the first day of class for many schools around the country.


This Seems High: New Study Claims 48 Percent of Students Don’t Respect Peers Who ‘Hook Up Too Much’


This was surprising: According to a new study by the American Sociological Association, 48 percent of college students judge men and women equally harshly for promiscuity, with 54 percent females showing judgement.


College Student Creates a Kick-Ass Backpack for Scaling Brick Walls


IMF Agent Ethan Hunt doesn't have sh*t on the Utah State University "Ascending Aggies" engineering team.

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Girl Rips College Administration To Shreds In Angry Voicemail


We've all had an experience similar to this; an administration drowning in bureaucratic incompetance, f*cking up our lives to the point where we have to waste an entire day trying to rectify something that has no business being f*cked up in the first place.

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VIDEO: Williams College Student Gives Late-Night Pro-America Speech


Sometimes in college, when you're winding down a semester, and everyone's up late studying, someone just needs to break the tension, get up on a table, and give an absurdly awesome pro-America speech.

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