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FSU Subtly Changed Its Logo and People Are PISSED

Because of TRADITION, dadgummit, you can't really change anything in sports.

UNC Professor Receives Death Threats for Saying Athlete Was Illiterate

University of North Carolina academic counselor Mary Willingham has received death threats after releasing research showing between 8% and 10% of the school’s football and basketball players

Appalachian State Now Has the Funniest Mascot in College Sports

Appalachian State is perfectly fine school that once beat Michigan in the Big House and boasts one of the most picturesque campuses in the United

17 Absolutely True Signs You Were a Division-III Athlete

You wouldn't have gotten into that school if it weren't for sports Let’s start with the most important thing. For most D3 athletes, there was zero

The Trillest of the Trill, Jay Bilas, Forced the NCAA to Change Its Website

The NCAA has long contended that the connection between the jerseys it sells and the current athletes who wear them is coincidental—that, for instance, the

Butler’s Bulldog Has a Training Montage, and It’s Fantastic

If you're still reeling from that other dog video posted on the site today, Butler, thankfully, has something to cheer you up: Blue III, the

Boston College Suspends Soccer Player for Tweeting Jerry Sandusky Jokes Before Playing Penn State

Today the Boston College Women’s Soccer team takes on Penn State at PSU's Jeffrey Field for a second round match in the NCAA Tournament. Stephanie McCaffery,

Syracuse Has a Scandal of Its Own, Too

There's no way to ignore the big news of the day. This is really serious, repuslive stuff. On Thursday evening news broke that

College Basketball Player has One Crappy Monday

Who hasn’t gotten pissed off when something didn’t go their way? Fortunately most people react to bad news better than Leonard Young, who decided to

Support College Athletes’ Fight for Revenue Sharing with Our New PAY FOR PLAY T-Shirt!

A just-released petition signed by football and men's basketball players from Arizona, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Purdue, and UCLA is demanding that the NCAA and college

This Ohio State Student Has the Most Cringe-Worthy Waterskiing Accident You’ll See Today

Unless you have a tendency to spend your Wednesday afternoons scouring YouTube for wipeout adult entertainment (which sounds grosser than it actually is),

Tons of College Realignment News Breaking Right Now

Whoa, lots of late-breaking college conference realignment news breaking right now. The Big East is formally extending invitiations to Boise State, Navy, Air Force, and

How Ridiculous Is It That The Big East Is Considering Adding Boise State, a School Based in Idaho?

This is old new to college sports fans, but we just want to throw this out there: Does anyone else find it absolutely preposterous that

8 Important Myths About College Sports

Unless you live under a rock, you're well aware that there are quite a few contentious, off-the-field issues surrounding college athletics right now. The BCS

Mike Francesa Doesn’t Care What Happens to Rutgers

Naturally conference realignment was a big topic on yesterday's Mike'd Up WFAN sports talk radio show with Mike Francesa, given the news of Pitt and

As Syracuse and Pitt Make the Jump to the ACC, College Sports As We Knew It Continues to Crumble

The landscape of college sports is changing dramatically and fans are wondering when everything is going to settle down. It all started when the Big

Justin Timberlake Loves College Sports

Besides the plethora of gorgeous women, we can't stand the ESPYs. But, if you want to Justin Timberlake get hit in the nuts

The Pac 12 Has a New Logo; Autotuned Music Video

Earlier this week the Pac 12 revealed its new logo through a autotuned music video (spoiler alert: they changed the "10" with a "12"! Brilliant!

READER E-MAIL: Sounds Like Someone Has a Crush On the Harvard Women’s Track Team

No comment. We'll just let you judge for yourselves, Bros.

NCAA Rules Cam Newton Eligible to Play in SEC Championship

Earlier today the NCAA announced that Cam Newton is eligible to play in Saturday's SEC title game against South Carolina. On Monday the NCAA discovered