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Everyone at WVU Is Getting STDs, So They’re Putting Condom Dispensers In Frat Houses

The college kids running wild in Morgantown, West Virginia have a bit of a problem on their hands: STDs are becoming […]

College Kids Believe Other People Are Having Way More Sex Than Them

It's a tale as old as time: Everyone is boning except for you. Or so you think. 

The 10 Colleges with the Worst Sexual Health (…Where You’re MOST Likely to Get an STD)

You've seen Trojan's rankings of the best colleges for sexual health... Now it's time for the worst. Dudes.... Wrap. That. Shit. Up. 

The 10 Colleges with the Best Sexual Health (…Where You’re LEAST Likely to Get an STD)

The folks at Trojan Condoms just released the college rankings of their 8th Annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card. The study -- commissioned by Trojan via Sperling’s BestPlaces -- evaluates 140 universities

How to Decode a College Girl’s Dorm Room for Hook-Up/Dating Potential

Dorms are the armpit of the college campus. They suck. If you gave me a choice between living in a dorm again or staying in

College Couple Go Up to More Random People and Ask to Have a Threesome

Formerly the /Whatever clan had a rabidly viral social experiment asking college students for sex and another ultra-popular video asking people if they wanted to have a

The Best Places to Have Sex at College

10 places for your bucket list.

College Bro and Babe Go Up to Random People and Ask to Have a Threesome

Fresh off the heels of their rabidly viral social experiment asking college students for sex, the Bros at the /whatever YouTube channel coupled up to

College Kids Are Not Hooking Up as Much As You Think

Over the summer, publications like Time and the New York Times woke up from Rip Van WInkle naps on university quads, saw co-eds making shameless

College Bro Asks 100 College Girls If They Want to Have Sex: How Many Said Yes?

Well here's an interesting social experiment. There's a silly old adage that if you ask 100 people to have sex, at least one will say

College Girl Asks College Bros If They Want to Have Sex: How Many Said Yes?

We all saw what happened when a college Bro asks 100 college girls if they want to have sex. Guess what happens when a college

Only Rich, White, Drunk People Are Hooking Up and Having Casual Sex In College

Mainstream media outlets like the New York Times and Time magazine have really been enjoying themselves lately with voyeuristic millennial trend stories that seem to fetishize an

Yale Hosts Ridiculous Sex Workshop Where 9% Admit to Prostitution

Beastality, incest fantasies, prostitution.... It's just that whole Yale thing, you know?

10 Colleges to Avoid If You Don’t Want to Get a STD

Hope you don't go to one of these schools! 

UC Berkley Sex Columnist Explains Why Her Campus Sexcapade Is Not a Newsworthy Event

One week ago, UC Berkley sex columnist Nadia Cho made international headlines for a tell-all article in The Daily Californian describing how she had sex

Economics Majors Have the Most Sex in College

When it comes to which college major gets laid the most, James Carville said it best: It's about the economy, stupid. In a British study of

Top 10 Places to Have Sex on a College Campus

A dorm room is probably the most boring place to hook up on a college campus. Since college is all about exploration, we've come up

Was BYU’s Star Center Suspended for Impregnating a Girl?

When I saw the news this morning that BYU starting center Brandon Davies had been suspended for the remainder of the season for an honor

EXCLUSIVE: Duke Coed’s 42-Page Powerpoint Presentation Details Her Sexual Encounters with 13 Bros

A Powerpoint presentation landed in our inbox this morning that we simply must post. It was written by a 2010 Duke University female graduate, and