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Dayton’s Riot Cost the Town $57,000 in Police Fees

Worth it?

Colorado State Riots After SWAT Team Breaks Up Saturday Night Party

Two students threw a registered block party 100 feet from campus, and among the unexpected guests was a Fort Collins SWAT team.

All Iowa State VEISHEA Activities Canceled for Remainder of Week

The fallout from last night's VEISHEA riot begins.

What the Hell Happened at Iowa State University Last Night?

College riots in 2014 are a funny thing: They’re either endearing and innocuous school-wide celebration of a major sports victory […]

Ranking the 11 Most Ratchet College Riots of All Time

It's about time we have a definitive ranking of the craziest college riots in college riot history...

Epic Video of the UConn Final Four Riot Shows Just How Hard Storrs Goes

When Storrs goes wild, Storrs goes wild. And Storrs REALLY knows how to go wild when it comes to celebrate […]

UConn Had a Very Turnt Riot After Making It to the Final Four

Stay classy, Storrs. Way to turn up… College.

The University of Arizona Had an Insanely Ratchet Riot after Losing in the Elite Eight

Arizona students rioted after the Wildcats lost their Elite Eight game last night.

The University of Dayton Is Officially the Best School At March Madness Celebrations

Honestly, I’m a little jealous of the kids fortunate to attend the University of Dayton; The Flyers’ deep, Cinderella run into the […]

The University of Dayton’s Riot After Beating Syracuse Was the Best College Riot Of All Time

Unless you're a Syracuse fan, it's hard not to love the University of Dayton's underdog win yesterday against the 3-seed, sending the school to the

Did IUP Just Throw the Most Ratchet College St. Patrick’s Day Party In the Country?

IUP -- Indiana University of Pennsylvania -- is one of those state school's you're probably only familiar with if you're from Pennsylvania/New Jersey/West Virginia/Western

Michigan State Bro Takes Epic Selfie with SWAT Team During the Cedar Fest Riots of 2013

Saturday, December 7th 2013 will go down as a legendary day in East Lansing history. After a massive win over Ohio State in the Big Ten

The Most Rachet College Riot Ever Broke Out at SUNY Cortland This Weekend During Cortaca—Part II

Previously.... The Most Rachet College Riot Ever Broke Out at SUNY Cortland This Weekend During Cortaca.