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Mike Stud Drops ‘It’s Spring Break, Homie!’ Featuring Six New Tracks You Can Flex On Spring Break


For hundreds of thousands of Bros, spring break means cuttin' loose in the sand with your homies and a bunch of fun chicks you just met in Delta Gamma at the University of Wisconsin.

college rappers

Is This ‘Bounce Your Ass Like a Pogo’ Song the Next Great Frat Rap Jam?


A dude by the name of Yung Gabe wants to be immortalized in the college rap world like Asher Roth, Mac Miller, Mike Stud, Sammy Adams, etc et al.


‘Touring’s Boring’: A Tourlife Video with Mike Stud’


On Monday afternoon Mike Stud dropped this cool behind-the-scenes video from his latest tour.

upper west

Getting Back in the Groove with BroBible’s ‘New Music You Should Know About’


So it’s officially spring, which means girls will be coming to your games in sundresses and you better find all those pairs of shades you lost somewhere in your car.

rap videos

Murray State Has One of Those Laughably-Bad Rap Anthems Too


Did you think the torture was just going to end with the "We Are Mizzou" anthem.


Chet Haze’s ‘Live at Central Michigan University’ Video


Early this morning we learned of Chet Haze's latest music video, doc*menting his opening performance for LMFAO at Central Michigan University on October 26, 2011.

hayden hammel

Does This Freestyle-Rapping Midwestern College Bro Have a Future?


This video just came in over the tipline with this description: "Hey, you need to feature this kid on the site.

new music

Matt Easton Drops New Mixtape, ‘Old Hickory’


Yeah, Matt Easton is another college kid who moonlights as a hip-hop artist.

white rappers

A Few Words of Explanation About the BroBible College Rapper Database


Now that the dust has settled, let me clear some things up about the College Rapper Database.

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