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University Of Michigan Party Video Declares The Wolverines Are ‘Still Better Than Your School’

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In case you wanted to see how turnt up things get in Ann Arbor during football season, this pre-game party recap video shows you how hard University of Michigan kids go in the fall.

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UNH’s Alpha Sigma Bye Cinco De Mayo Party Looked F-U-N


Pretty solid showing from New Hampsire on the party video circuit.

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I’m Shmacked x University of Tennessee Is So Turnt, You’ll Want to Butt-Chug a Four Loko


I always knew Knoxville got weird, but I didn't realize it got this weird until we watched the latest I'm Shmacked video from UT's Boxing Day festivities.

st. patrick's day party

Did IUP Just Throw the Most Ratchet College St. Patrick’s Day Party In the Country?


IUP -- Indiana University of Pennsylvania -- is one of those state school's you're probably only familiar with if you're from Pennsylvania/New Jersey/West Virginia/Western Maryland.

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JMU Wants You To Know It Parties Harder Than Your School


JMU is putting itself back on the turnt map again, with the Bros at Sigma Chi enlisting the talents of Sound Remedy for a huge rager.


The University of San Diego Just Had an INSANE ‘Jamaica Block Party’ and Oh God Why Did I Go to College In the North?


Seriously questioning some life decisions after watching this glorious party video from the University of San Diego.


I’m Shmacked x Syracuse, Featuring Gaggles of Turnt Sorority Girls


Two things are guaranteed when you show up at Syracuse University in January during cold-ass Duke week: Hot turnt sorority girls from the Northeast going wild and more booze being consumed than Ireland.

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Bro Makes an ‘I’m Shmacked’-Esque Video About His Freshman Year at Community College


On Friday night a couple of BroBible editors were drinking beers and eating fried chicken in the East Village talking about how funny it'd be if a community college spoofed I'm Shmacked.


JMU Party Video Features a Plethora of Hot College Chicks In Neon


One of the things all my buddies who went to JMU love to brag about is the incredible ratio of women-to-men.

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