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Ohio University Threw Another Ratchet Party Called #FEST, Still BroBible’s Favorite Party School In the Country

First it was the Palmerfest pre-game video. Then it was High Fest. Now it's #FEST. Ohio University.... BroBible loves you and your FESTS so fucking

How 15 Of America’s Top Colleges Party

Over the past couple of months we've been rolling out our "How We Party" series. If you're not familiar, the column breaks down the party habits

Playboy’s Top Party School Rankings Are Debatable

Playboy, in its infinite wisdom, has released its annual list of the nation’s top party schools. Of course, their rankings supersede any other publication’s because

The Top 20 Party Schools, According to the Princeton Review

Bros! BIG NEWS: Princeton Review's 2013 edition of "The Best 377 Colleges" goes on sale tomorrow! OK, more importantly, Princeton Review announced their pick for the 20

Newsweek Lists Country’s Top 25 Fraternities, Plus Other Completely Inarguable College Rankings

I am willing to bet that none of you fine folk will have any trouble with Newsweek's rankings that came out today—these rankings are completely