University Of Michigan Fraternity Damage To Ski Resort Now Estimated To Be $430K

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Back in January we reported about the damage that some University of Michigan fraternities and sororities did to several ski resorts in Northern Michigan.


6 Michigan Fraternities and Sororities Suspended For Causing $120,000 In Damage To Ski Resorts


Last week I blogged about how University of Michigan fraternities went on a tear of destruction during their annual ski weekend trips to Michigan resorts.

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WVU Freshman Dies After Found Unresponsive In Frat House, School Suspends All Greek Life Activities


Awful news today out of West Virginia University, where 18-year-old freshman Nolan Burch, from Buffalo, New York, was found unresponsive at Kappa Sigma fraternity house following an unofficial event there.

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Mississippi PIKE Frat Douche Who Allegedly Stole Two Flamingos From The Zoo Made A Rap Video About It


Remember that story about the University of Southern Mississippi PIKE fraternity member who stole two flamingos from the Hattiesburg Zoo, which later had to be euthanized due to injuries sustained in their capture.

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Texas Tech Fraternity Loses Charter Over Gross ‘No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal’ Party Sign


Remember Texas Tech's Phi Delta Theta fraternity, which stupidly had a "No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal" sign at a party in September, along with a vagina-shaped sprinkler.


Remember That Ohio State Student Who Ran On The Field? Well, He Lost His Scholarship


This past Saturday, 21-year-old Ohio State student Anthony Wunder made the fateful decision to run on the field of the Horseshoe.

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