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University of San Diego Bro Takes One for the Team and Throws Eggs At Campus Parking Police,

Is there anything more miserable in the world than the campus parking police?

Maryland Fraternity and Sorority In Trouble For Throwing a ‘CMT vs BET’-Theme Party

Just a friendly reminder that if you're in a fraternity or sorority and thinking about throwing a party that's vaguely racist, you're almost certainly going

Ole Miss Is Still Racist as Hell, Fraternity Members Hang a Noose Around the Statue Of Civil Rights Hero

What is the hell is going on at Ole Miss? According to a number of separate¬†reports, racist behavior is happening […]

University Of Illinois Students Are Being Huge Pussies About Having to Go to Class Today

In case you haven't looked a weather map lately, it's FUCKING COLD in the Midwest right now. Temperatures at the University of Illinois are hovering around

Penn State Students Are Trying to Crowdfund a Trip to the Moon

If a group of students and faculty in State College have their way, the list of countries to send manned or unmanned vehicles to the moon will

NYU Student Considered Chopping His Arm Off While Trapped Between Buildings

19-year-old NYU student Asher Vongtau spent his weekend like any other—hanging out, chillin'. You know, just stuck between a five-story parking garage and 17-story dormitory

University of Iowa TA Accidentally Emails Salacious Naked Pictures to Students

In what would seem like a plot twist in a college sex comedy, a University of Iowa T.A. emailed 80+ students a file attachment late

Someone Is Pooping in Yale’s Student Laundry Rooms and Ruining Everyone’s Clothes

Yale will forever be without a doubt the weirdest of the Ivys. So it hardly comes as a surprise that someone is getting their jollies there

857 Arrested at Arizona State During First Two Weekends of Fall Semester

Here’s ASU's weekend’s breakdown, via the Tempe PD: Total stops: 1,812 Total citations: 919 Total arrests: 486 Arrests for minors in possession of alcohol: 208 Total DUI arrests: 85 Calls for

Two UMass-Dartmouth Friends of the Tsarnaev Brothers Indicted on Conspiracy Charges

Three days after the Boston Marathon bombings, two UMass-Dartmouth classmates of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev went to Tsarnaev's dorm room and removed some of his belongings, including a laptop

Watch a Documentary About Towson University’s Racist White Student Union

Back in March I wrote a post about Towson University's Matthew Heimbach, a senior who wants to stop what he calls a "black crime wave" at

Congrats, Brown Bros: Emma Watson is Returning to School

In a return to school more dramatic than that time Harry wrecked the flying car into the Weeping Willow—that might be a fireable joke—the lovely

Duke Now Covers the Cost of Sex Change Surgery

Student health care premiums are increasing by 8% at Duke next year. Why? Partly, thanks to this: Sex change operations will be available next year—free

This Is the Guy Who Claims to Have Stopped the Lone Star College Stabber

And he's got the Instagram pics to prove it.

Racist Towson University Student Starts ‘White Student Union’

Towson University senior Matthew Heimbach wants to stop what he calls a "black crime wave" at Maryland's Towson University. So, he started the public university's

21-Year-Old College Student Granted Stalking Order Against Overly-Obsessive and Protective Parents

Aubrey Ireland is a 21-year-old musical theater major at Cincinnati‘s College-Conservatory of Music. Her parents, David and Julie Ireland, have made her life at college

The University of Colorado Has a Dorm for Handgun-Carrying Students and No One Wants to Live In It

A college campus is no place for a dangerous weapon. However, back in August, the University of Colorado announced it would create a separate dormitory

Sigma Chi at the University of Kansas Catches on Fire; Frat Plays Fire-Themed Songs Afterwards

Be careful out there, college Bros, and remember to check your smoke detectors during move in.

New York State Jumps on the ‘Hey, Let’s Ban Four Loko!’ Bandwagon

My dream of playing an impromptu game of Four Loko dizzybat in the middle of Central Park will probably not come to fruition next summer,