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The 4 Best Places to Go to the Bathroom on Your College Campus (and the 2 Worst)

BroBible recently brought you the story of a writer who found himself in a rather shitty situation, in that he shit himself.

All Iowa State VEISHEA Activities Canceled for Remainder of Week

The fallout from last night's VEISHEA riot begins.

No One Got Into Stanford This Year

Getting into college is rough, man.

4 Things You Have to Consider When Picking a College

There’s one thing that all “how to prepare for college” guides fail to mention.

Today’s Best Tumblr Asks: Why the Hell Does Every Bro at Duke Wear Pink Shorts?

There is a non-porn-related phenomenon at Duke University: every bro wears pink shorts

Bros at Ohio University Create Incredible ‘How to Beat College’ Game to Keep Their Lives Together

If you're in college and struggling from all the extra curricular distractions, a group of BroBible readers at Ohio University came up with a pretty

4 Ways to Bring Your Pool Party to the Next Level, by an Arizona Bro

I often wonder what it’s like to live in a place with seasons.

4 Crazy Expectations You Have About College… and the Reality

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I'm not cool. At all.

The 5 People You’ll Drink With in College

You can probably spot him at a party breaking a beer can on his head and shot-gunning it.

54 Reasons We Miss College (Especially College Girls…)

You know what we miss the most about college this time of year? Chicks laying out in the quad in bikinis, gettin' that tan on...

SDSU Bro Creates Ridiculous Campaign Ad Featuring Girls in Bikinis Galore

Some are irritated at this year's wordless, most-talked-about San Diego State student government ad.

Watch a Stanford Professor of Physics Find Out He Was Right All Along About the Big Bang

Yesterday, researchers at the South Pole announced the first direct evidence supporting the Big Bang.

This Secret Society At Princeton Is Home to the Biggest Drinkers on Campus; Also, Is Insane

Princeton men think they can drink more than you.

30 Unrealistic Things You Think You’ll Do Right After College

You probably will not...

The 15 Best College St. Patrick’s Day Parties in the U.S.

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day. On that day, or on prior days co-opted as St. Patrick’s Day, college students across this fine land will celebrate

Irish Dude Makes Amazing Parody of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ to Run for Student Body President

"My name is Tommy Bolger. The year I turned 22, I made 8 euro an hour which really pissed me off."

4 Crucial Steps to Getting That Girl to Hang Out With You

I'm more or less a pro at knowing how to deal with that weird middle-zone.

The 4 Ways You’ll Meet People After College

Like most of you, I’ve been meeting people my whole life.

This Map of Largest Universities by Enrollment May Surprise You

Today, eCollegeFinder released a map showing each state's largest university by enrollment.

I Can’t Stop Laughing At These Hilarious @Collegefession Videos

The Twitter handle @Collegefession has been on my radar for about two months now.

The 10 Worst People at Every College Party

There is no doubt every guest list has its fair share of, “who the hell invited that guy!”

A Bro Spent a Semester Icing Every Member of His Frat Chapter, Posts Enormous Photo Album of His Handiwork

I thought the last person had been iced sometime in the summer of 2010. I was wrong.

Fat Men Are Disgusting

And we're starting to judge you.

45 Reasons I Miss College

  Building beer towers in your post-grad apartment really just isn’t very acceptable, is it? Shout out to these Bros [...]

Duke Student Trolls So Hard, Deletes Midterm Notes for UNC History Class

An entry-level UNC class had its midterm plans briefly derailed this week in fine fashion, all thanks to a moderately [...]

University of Florida Bro Has a Ridiculous Facebook Rant About College Girls In the Library… Or Something?

Buzzfeed has already asked all the questions there are to ask about this senior University of Florida Bro’s rant about [...]

40 Reasons I Miss College

You know the #1 thing I miss about college? Paint parties. It is almost never acceptable to still do paint [...]

Every Millennial Should Watch This Brutally Honest College Commercial

College is great and all, but let’s be honest: Spending the best four years of your life on tweedy campus [...]

How to Have Sex In a College Library

A story you may have heard about a legendary alumnus of your fraternity, something you’ve seen in every article that [...]

Of Course the Best ‘Walk Of Shame’ Picture Ever Was Taken at Penn State

This picture right here is Penn State in a nutshell.  No place in the universe like State College in the [...]

Body of University of Chicago Junior Found in Dorm Room a Week After His Death

A University of Chicago junior named Nicholas Barnes was found dead in his dorm room on Saturday afternoon. He may have [...]

10 Things I Wish I Knew The First Day Of College

  99.9% of the time, you’ll absolutely regret staying in to study vs. going out with friends. Anyone who takes [...]

4 Ways You Know You’re Fucking Up College

I was lucky to find my closest college friends on the same floor of the dorm that we all shared [...]

The 7 Dumbest Things Girls Do In College

The other day I heard this story about a girl who clogged up a toilet at a frat party and, [...]

Phi Psi Frat Guys Make AMAZING Recreation of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Trailer for Their Rush

We post a lot of rush videos on here—some good, many bad—but this actually qualifies as a must-see. The Phi [...]

5 Things You Understand Senior Year That Weren’t True Freshman Year

I hate sounding like a whiny twentysomething cliché from Girls or Friends or any of that shit, but it genuinely [...]

What Could You Buy For The Price Of College?

This video from Buzzfeed does a pretty good job breaking down all the things you could buy instead of a [...]

University of Michigan Frat Throws Ski Trip Banger at $6 Million Dollar Mansion

Goddamn. That’s how you ski trip. However, if we’re lead to believe the YouTube description, “No alcohol or illegal substance [...]

Columbia Girls Film Themselves Naked and Making Out in School Library, All for the Sake of Art

"Some college feminists challenged the patriarchy recently by filming themselves cavorting naked in Columbia University’s Butler Library, for an artsy think-piece about sorority initiation called

4 Stages of the Weird, Oddly-Giddy Morning Party

1-Waking Up: Confused, you open your eyes and survey whatever nest of blankets and coats you roosted in last night. Akin to a PTSD-riddled veteran,