iron stomach challenge

This College Bro Lost The ‘Iron Stomach Challenge’ In Best/Worst Way Imaginable


YouTube This is video from the Iron Stomach challenge at the University College Dublin.

drinking contests

Guy Falls Into A Pit Of Vomit During A Chugging Contest At Irish College


University College Dublin is one of the biggest colleges is Ireland, with over 30,000 students.

college life

‘College: Freshman Year VS. Senior Year’ Is Insanely Accurate


Isn't it funny how less and less you give a shit the more your college career goes on.

college life

College Lacrosse Players Host ‘Cowboys And Nav-hoes’ Party, You Can Guess How That Turned Out


Indian Country Today Mars Hill University Men's Lacrosse team is in hot water for throwing a "Cowboys and Nava-hoes" theme party.


Why Your Couch Is The Ultimate Bro


Life is filled with many important relationships.


If College Freshmen Were Honest On Move-In Day


Anyone who's been to college knows there's a lot of bullshit you baffle your freshmen year roommate with right after you move in.


25 Things Your Roommate Does In Your Apartment Once You Leave


It doesn’t matter if you love your roommate so much you act like conjoined twins, or if you despise them as much as the guy who hangs around the water cooler at work with the clip-on tie and always asks you to join his fantasy league, it's always nice when your roommate leaves.


5 Main Differences Between Drinking in College and Drinking In the Real World


Adults may not be able to drink as much as college students, but they do always have their own toilets to puke into.


How to Be a College Student In 32 Steps: A Guide for Freshman Year


A LOT of colleges start back up this week, which means that the best four years of your life is underway, college freshmen.

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