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10 Sex Tips We Learned From Softcore Porn

The ultimate guide to humping like a 2AM Cinemax softcore movie.

Aubrey Plaza Describes Her Perfect Threesome and It’s Pretty Kinky

Yes, Jeff Goldblum is involved.

Miley Cyrus’ Music Video For ‘We Can’t Stop’ Is Kinda Creepy When You Remove The Music

Everyone thought that the music video for We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus was the holy grail of white girl twerking when it first came

‘Coffee Town,’ CollegeHumor’s Original Movie Starring Glenn Howerton, Looks Really Good

This has vaulted to the top of our summer movie list. An all-star cast (in addition to Dennis Reynolds, we've also got Adrianne Palicki, Ben

‘Everyone is an Asshole’

No matter how hard you try to deny it, you are an asshole. Yes, YOU, the person on the otherside of this Internet post. College

How to Train for a Netflix Marathon

This is how you binge... 

Pooping Without Your Phone

Isn't pooping at all.... 

Mike Stud Drops ‘College Humor, Part 2’

Just in time for the spring semester, rapper/former Duke baseball player Mike Stud dropped a follow up to his 2010 breakthrough single, College Humor. With

‘A Modern Night Before Christmas’ Is a Much More Accurate Story

The thing about families is that...they're all psychotic. 

8 Positions for Sex at Your Parents’ Place

Good news: It's almost Winter Break! That means it's time to have sex in your old bedroom at your parents house. 

‘Your Girlfriend’s Six Friends’ Is a Solid Description of the People You’re Forced to Hang Out With

We all know that one of the sh*ttier (and for some, the sh*ttiest) aspects of having a girlfriend is having to put in the face