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The Top 50 Colleges with the Hottest Girls, According to One Student Survey

There are rankings for EVERYTHING when it comes to college, including rankings for the colleges with the hottest girls.

How HOT Is This Slo-Mo Video of USC Girls Booty Shaking in Short Shorts at a Frat Party?

COLLEGE.... It's almost back in session, everyone.

Three Hot College Girls, In Their Underwear, Dancing for 8-Minutes. That Is All

Some things in life need no explanation. This is one of those things.

Hot College Girls Answer: Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Illuminating stuff.

USC’s AEPi Fraternity Threw a Paint Party Rave and Every Hot Girl In SoCal Showed Up

Have to love a fraternity party where girls show up wearing "Sorry Mom" rage hats.

A Hotel In Panama City Beach Is Posting Nothing But Hot Spring Break Girls On Instagram

Bros, the Sand Piper Beacon Hotel in Panama City Beach wants you to know that there are a lot of hot coeds currently getting turnt

The 7 Dumbest Things Girls Do In College

The other day I heard this story about a girl who clogged up a toilet at a frat party and, […]

I’m Shmacked Heads to LSU, Parties With the Baddest College Babes on the Planet

How can you not love this? LSU girls are truly the baddest girls in the SEC. 

Hot College Girls EVERYWHERE at USC’s Pikes of the Caribbean Party

Damnit, USC... These party videos. Every day it's another one from a signature party, bigger and better than the one before it. The most recent

College Girl Explans 8 Reasons WHY Girls Act Dumb

Acting dumb is a silent plague, a self-imposed reverse eugenics, and the worst thing that girls do to themselves and accept from each other. It’s

25 Hot College Girls To Be Thankful For

This is Sara from Central Connecticut State. Many, many men on that campus are probably thankful to be able to drool over the sight of her

Hot Girls at the University of Florida Talk About Their Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

The dudes at I'm Shmacked are killin' down in Gainesville. Yesterday Gator girls and Bros talked about the craziest things they've ever done drunk. Today

Hottest SlowMo Instagram Video of All Time Is From USC, Of Course

Shout out to I'm Shmacked for making great use of that new iPhone 5c SloMo video feature for perhaps the most amazing Instagram video of

10 Absolutely True Ways Girls Change from College to Their Mid-20s

It's been four years now since I graduated college. In those four years I've transformed from an immature, alcohol-abusing, degenerate-gambling, recklessly irresponsible smartass into an

Do You Like Watching Videos of Hot Florida State Sorority Girls?

It's a rhetorical question, really. The Delta Gamma ladies know how to get the Internet's attention. The hottest sorority girls at the school with the

Bro Tries to Pick Up Hot College Girls By Speaking French

Props to this Bro. He figured otu a flawless plan to get hot college girls' phone numbers by speaking French to them around campus. Some

This Video Perfectly Describes Every College Girl Who’s Ever Returned From Studying Abroad Ever

Well all know the person who returns from a semester abroad and raves about how "amazing," "eye-opening," and "life-changing" their time studying abroad was.  Instead

Who Has the Hottest Girls in the SEC?

Okay, the pictures might tip you off—but the reasoning behind is very interesting...

The 5 Types of Crazy Chicks You’ll Meet in College

The five types of crazy chicks you’ll meet in college, and how to handle them:

Why College Women Are the Worst…

There's some pretty compelling evidence... 

Want to Watch Colorado State’s Hot Chick Filled 2013 Undie Run?

CSU had their undie run recently. It looked AWFUL. 

Watch This Hot Chick Twerk at the 2013 ASU Undie Run

Arizona State's sixth annual Undie Run took place last week, resulting in 4.5 tons of clothing and 1.7 tons of food being donated to charity.

Top 20 Colleges to Attend for One Semester

In a perfect world, the male college experience would span 10 years -- that is how long it takes a man's brain to mature --

Rapper ‘OG Nipple Steak’ Tries to Pick Up Hot College Chicks at USC

I have no idea who Nipple Steak is, but this thuggin' Ali G knock-off just dropped this video trying to spit his game to hot

BYU Bro Does Amazing Card Magic Trick That Involves Kissing College Chicks

YouTube magican Stuart Edge, a BYU student, has a crafty card trick that incorporates magic and kissing college girls. You dog, you. 

Bro Proposes to Random College Girls and the Results Are Hilarious

Here's another unusual way to get a girl's number. Walk up, get on one knee, and pop the big question. That's what this Bro does

College Women Binge Drinking More Than Men

Woah, woah, woah: Shocking news here: According to a study published by the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, women in college are more likely to binge

20 Best Weekend Sports GIFs, 25 Athletes Losing Their Minds, and More Weekend Sports Links

Another weekend, another set of must-see sport material. Enjoy. 

America’s Next Top Model To Air ‘College Edition’

You know that complete bombshell who every guy in the school somehow knows? You may see her on TV this fall, as CW's highly popular

Pabst Replaces Beer Stolen at Knifepoint From College Girl

Big ups to the Pabst Brewing Company. After hearing the story of University of Nebraska-Lincoln freshman Jessica Robertson, who was robbed of her

Finally, the Dubstep/Rap Tribute to ‘UCLA Girls’ the World’s Been Waiting For

A new post popped up in the Brommunity earlier today promoting "a new, explosive track about UCLA glorifying our campus females as we

Celebrate the Weekend with a Gallery of Tempe 12 Babes Playing Beer Pong

What's better than a gallery of hot Arizona bikini babes from Tempe 12 playing beer pong? Can't think of anything more inspiring to get

How to Decode a Hot Girl’s Dorm Room or Apartment for Her Future Potential

Getting your first look at the dorm room or apartment of your girl of the moment can be an eye-opening experience. Perhaps you're stopping by

Check Out the Babes at the University of South Carolina’s Running of the Pigs 2011 Bid Day

You won't regret it. Have something you want to send us for BroBible? Tip your editors.

Meet Kat, a U of Wisconsin Girl to Bring Home to Mom

On Saturday I'm headed to the Wisconsin vs. Minnesota puck game in Madison (come find me), so what better way to ring in the festivities

Meet Maria from South Carolina, Our Latest Girl to Bring Home to Mom

Another week and more South Carolina? Sure, why not. Clearly South Carolina is where we should all be looking for the most amazing girls. Of

Paying Tribute to the Beautiful University of Alabama Girls We Found in Tuscaloosca

JoePA and I have been on the road all week, and were lucky enough to roll into the University of Alabama last night. The frat

Meet Katie, a Girl to Bring Home to Mom from Delaware

I'm sure you don't want to read much of what I write, since Katie is distracting you in that pic above. A model, future lawyer,

Kristie from the University of Utah is Our Latest Girl to Bring Home to Mom

Boom. Gorgeous. I'm speaking in a bit of staccato right now because how can you not when you see Kristine? Fun, smart, adventurous. From Utah?

Meet Bridget, the Latest Girl to Bring Home to Mom

My gift to all of you in this holiday season? Bridget from Illinois State University, our latest Girl to Bring Home to Mom. Loves the