college gameday

Best College GameDay Signs Week 13 Harvard VS Yale


The College Gameday crew was in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the yearly Harvard-Yale game.

College Gameday

Best College GameDay Signs Week 12 Miss State Vs Alabama


The College GameDay crew visited Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the big Alabama-Mississippi State game that will have big factor on which team will likely make the college football playoff.

dumb and dumber

Two Bros Took The ‘Dumb and Dumber’ Shaggin’ Wagon To A FSU Frat House To Tailgate


In honor of Dumb and Dumber To hitting theaters on Nov 14th, two bros from Barstool Sports are going around to various campuses in the actual 'Mutt Cutts' van tailgating and partying with some of our nation's best and brightest.

Ole Miss

Best College Gameday Signs Week 5 Ole Miss vs Alabama


The college Gameday crew visited The Grove in Oxford,Mississippi for today's Ole Miss vs Alabama game airing at 3:30pm on CBS.

Katy Perry

Here Is Katy Perry Acting Weird And Throwing Corndogs On ‘College Gameday’


This weekend’s celebrity picker on College GameDay for the Ole Miss-Alabama game was Ole Miss fan and superstar Katy Perry.

katy perry

Katy Perry Will Be The Guest Picker On Saturday’s ‘College GameDay’ From Ole Miss


When you think Ole Miss, you think Katy Perry, so it's only natural that the singer will serve as the celebrity picker Saturday on College GameDay.

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