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Someone Painted a Clemson Tiger Paw on South Carolina’s Football Field


Syracuse Has New Football Uniforms and the Numbers are Weird


Here’s What It’s Like to Play Linebacker for the Miami Hurricanes

Can you handle it?

Watch Random Ohio State Student Beat Most Players on OSU Football Team in 40-Yard Dash, Including Star RB

When Urban Meyer urged regular students at Ohio State University to come out and compete in a 40-yard-dash against his well-oiled football machines he didn't

Jameis Winston Gave an Epic Pump-Up Huddle Speech at the Florida State Spring Game

"This what we do for shizzy, for izzy, whatever it is!"

James Franklin Is Slowly Morphing Into a Lion


Texas Tech Held a Dance Contest. Kliff Klingsbury Emerged as the Winner

Fun times.

A Baylor Fan Had the Single Greatest Sports Wedding Cake I’ve Ever Seen


300-Pound Temple Football Recruit Can Run Faster Than You

Freddie Booth-Lloyd is a new recent recruit for the Temple University football team. At 300 pounds, he'll make one heck of a good D-lineman. But

Red Lightning Is Just Killing Spring Break Right Now

Red Lightning does Spring Break 2014.

Utah’s Football Team Had a Dance-off

Taking it to the streets.

Arizona Coach Rich Rodriguez Made a “Speed” Parody Video and It’s Worth Your Time

Excellent work.

These College Football Uniform Concepts Are Sick

Earlier this week we featured Mr. Design Junkie’s concept uniform designs for all 32 NFL teams. Now designs for college [...]

University of Louisville Football Recruit Arrested for Impregnating 14-Year-Old Cousin

Oops. Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad, a linebacker out of Fort Pierce Central High School, was on his way to Louisville to play [...]

East Carolina Kicker Davis Plowman Booted a 50-Yard Field Goal With a Shirt Pulled Over His Face

I’m not entirely sure how much time Pirates kicker Davis Plowman — that name again is Mr. Plowman — has [...]

Marcus Hall Finally Making Bank on His Iconic Double-Bird Moment

One of the lasting images of last year’s college football season was Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall saluting the [...]

Missouri Football Player Michael Sam Comes Out, Could Be the First Openly Gay NFL Player

Huge, historic news from the football world. On Sunday Missouri All-American DE Michael Sam came out in interviews with ESPN, [...]

Jared Lorenzen Is Still a Scramblin’, Gun-Slingin’ Quarterback

Who saw this coming? Jared Lorenzen—the former Kentucky folk hero turned Eli Manning backup—is still playing football. Lorenzen was never [...]

Male Alabama Fan Gets Belly Button Ring As Part of Iron Bowl Bet

Think you've heard the last there is to hear about last year's spectacular Iron Bowl? Think again. And the newest bit of information about the

Lawsuit Claims Nick Saban’s Daughter Kristen ‘Beat the Devil’ Out of Girl

According to lawsuit against Kristen Saban, the daughter of Alabama head coach Nick Saban, the coach’s daughter got into fisticuffs with a former sorority sister.

Nick Saban Dances, Lane Kiffin Sings at Alabama Recruiting Party

Nick Saban doesn't look like a guy who dances, but Nick Saban definitely dances. During a recruiting event at his home over the weekend, the

British Man Watches Football for the First Time, Provides Compelling Commentary

What if some British dude watched last year's BCS Championship Game and provided decidedly British commentary? It's a question that's plagued humanity since last year's BCS

Black is the New Brown, Claims Terrible Texas Longhorns Shirt

Texas Longhorns fans, how excited are you about new football coach Charlie Strong? Are you excited enough to buy season tickets? Are you excited enough

Texas A&M’s Tribute to Johnny Football Is Pretty Great

Of course the music for Johnny Football's tribute video is "Trophies" by his OVO buddy Drake. Of course. And it's fitting: The highlight reel is sick,

FSU Bros Head to the National Championship Game, Capture Their Experience on a GoPro

Two FSU BroBible readers documented their experience in Lalaland for the National Championship Game. They whipped their footage into this snazzy little video. Nicely done,

Johnny Manziel Files Paperwork to Appear on Texas A&M Campus Even Less

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, who seemingly outgrew college 18 months ago, has officially filed paperwork to enter this spring's NFL draft.

Celebrate Florida State’s 34-31 Loss to Auburn in the BCS Title Game With This Shirt

Well, this is a fail. 

The Big Ten Tried to Suspend Ohio State’s Noah Spence for a Year After Testing Positive for Ecstasy

Ohio State defensive end Noah Spence was suspended three games as a result of testing positive for ecstasy, according to his father.

Here’s a Pic of Florida State’s Red Lightning Pimping It with the Ladies

I tweeted this out last night, but feel like it calls for a post here on BroBible. Best pic of Red Lightning ever, via @_WSBG.

Watch Johnny Manziel Lead a Florida State Tomahawk Chop at a Hollywood Club

Manziel was on the FSU train early. And Bleacher Report has video of him hilariously taking the mike at an LA club and leading The

Let’s Relive the Wild Final Minutes of Florida State’s Win Over Auburn

The BCS went out in style last night as Florida State and Auburn played a thrilling back-and-forth national title game. The Seminoles prevailed thanks to

Were Jameis Winston’s Speeches After Winning a National Championship In English?

A.J. McCarron's mom asked this question Jameis Winston's post-game speech: "Am I listening to English?" She deleted the Tweet for fear of backlash (...which has


Brent Musburger Introduces Himself as Kirk Herbstreit to Begin BCS Title Game

There are few people in this world we appreciate more than Brent Musburger. Dude is an absolute legend. But he would probably like a mulligan

Here’s a Florida State Girl Wearing an ‘I Love Jameis Consensually’ Shirt

Timely. Hell yeah, girl. H/T: @bustedcoverage

Attention Auburn: Florida State Fans Are Defacing Your Student Center

Are you guys going to let this offense go on unchecked? Isn't it your SEC-bound duty to add a "Fuck" above it or something even

Alabama MILF Who Went Batshit On a Bunch of OU Bros Says She’d Do It Again

Remember this lady who jumped down three rows to attack a group of Oklahoma dudes at the Sugar Bowl? How could you forget her? 

Clemson Fan Holds Up a ‘Braxton Miller Wears Cargos’ Sign During the Orange Bowl

Classic Clemson... Right before sealing the deal in the Orange Bowl and upsetting Ohio State, ESPN caught a Clemson Bro holding up this "Braxton Wears Cargos"

Alabama Fan Mom Brutally Attacks an Oklahoma Fan Bro In the Stands at the Sugar Bowl

Alabama fans don't take losses in the Nick Saban-era very easily, do they? At Thursday night's Sugar Bowl, an older, Alabama fan woman went apeshit on an

Oklahoma Broke ESPN’s Stage, Almost Killed Lou Holtz

Oklahoma was overjoyed with a 45-31 Sugar Bowl win over Alabama and forgot about weight limits during a postgame interview with ESPN.

This Alabama Girl Can’t Believe Alabama Is Losing to Oklahoma In the Sugar Bowl Either (GIF)

The most explanatory GIF ever. Alabama is losing to Oklahoma 31-17 at the half. This Alabama girl's facial expression at the Sugar Bowl says it