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ESPN SportsCenter Anchor Neil Everett Calls ESPN Out on Its Own Bullshit

Earlier this week, Kent State starting center Jason Bitsko was found dead in his bedroom.

Missouri’s Defensive Coordinator Taught His Players How to ‘Dougie’ Yesterday. No, This Post Isn’t a #TBT

He tried is best.

Nebraska Sends Moving Message of Support to Superfan Jack Hoffman

C'mon, Jack.

Everyone on USF’s Football Team Has the Same Last Name

Gotta support the team.

Arizona State’s Copper Uniforms are Gorgeous


FSU Girl Drops an Insane ‘Go ‘Noles’ Video With a Deeper Meaning Beyond Football

Our favorite Florida State rapper/artist Lena NW is back with a new rap video just in time for college football season.

Oregon State’s Football Team Made an Epic Slip N’ Slide After Practice

Not the first college team to do it and certainly not the last, but this is an excellent way to cool down after a fall

Here Is Your First College Football AP Poll of the 2014 Season

It's here it's here it's here it's here It's here it's here it's here it's here.

Report: 4 Notre Dame Starters Dismissed After Academic Fraud Investigation

Touchdown Jesus wept.

The Florida Gators Got Pretty Prancy Post-Practice

You know. Dancing.

Arizona State Offensive Lineman Comes Out


UAB’s New Helmets Are Ridiculous(ly) Awesome

Dragon stuff.

Kansas Jayhawks Have Bold New Crimson and Chrome Jerseys

So red.

Police: Michigan WR Broke a Man’s Jaw in 3 Places With This Brutal Punch

Tough to watch.

Brian Kelly Rode a Horse Into Notre Dame’s Practice

No rule that says horses can't play football.

The Kansas State Football Team Hazed These Freshmen By Giving Them Horrifyingly Bad Haircuts

Do you even haze, Bro?

U.S. Map Shows Most Hated College Football Team In Each State. Or Does It?

Rigging poll results doesn't make you cool, you guys.

Florida Gators Now Getting Trolled By Jell-O at Wal-Mart

A new low.

Kentucky Football Player Says His Weight Fluctuates Because He Poops So Often

Everybody does it.

This Penn State ‘Lion King’ Hype Video Will Get You Amped for College Football Season

James Franklin. Penn State. The Lion King. Football. Football. Football.

Sign Outside Michigan State’s Football Locker Room Makes You Feel Some Typo Way

Spelling is important.

ASU Bans Kegs, Funnels and Drinking Games from Football Tailgates

Canned beer is just as potent; cornhole is more fun than beer pong; and funneling is for fucking amateurs.

Texas A&M’s New Multi-Million Dollar Locker Rooms Are FREAKING SICK

The Texas A&M Aggies are in the middle of a $32 million renovation of the school's Bright Football Complex, which is part of $450 million

OSU Football Player Shows His Body Transformation After Two Years of Working with an NCAA Strength Coach

His hair even underwent a stunning transformation.

University of Oklahoma Kicker Gets iPad Playbook With Best Message Ever

Getting a physical playbook when you play football these days is old school.

Oklahoma Kicker Michael Hunnicutt Memorized His Playbook in Record Time

Tough to keep it all straight.

University of Texas Kicker Nick Rose Left It All on the Field with His 2014 Roster Photo

My, what a beautiful, sweeping comb over you have.

Oregon Quarterback Marcus Mariota’s Senior Year Course Schedule Is a Joke

Hey, don't hate the man: Taking a couple of blow-off classes your senior year is THE POINT of college.

Kliff Klingsbury Read Flattering Tweets About His Looks

Because he is an attractive human man.

Michigan State Football Stars Connor Cook and Mike Sadler Simply Can’t Wait for the Big Dance

It's a big day.

Iowa Offensive Tackle Brandon Scherff Hang Cleans 443 Pounds Three Times Like It’s No Big Deal

A very important skill.

Steve Spurrier Made a Tremendous Face While Listening to Nick Saban Talk

Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban appeared on ESPN this afternoon because, c’mon, producers know television gold when they see it. […]

Let’s All Take a Deep Breath and Look at This Ancient Nebraska Cornhuskers Mascot

Extremely appetizing.

South Carolina Needs to Start Wearing These Helmets

Slick dome.

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum Says The University of Texas Was Prepared to Offer Nick Saban $100 Million

The rumors about Nick Saban being courted by the University of Texas to coach the Longhorns became pretty tiresome last college football season.

Here is the New College Football Playoff Trophy, People Already Saying It Looks Like a Vagina

This is it. The new College Football Playoff trophy.

Oklahoma Has Some Crazy New Wood-Themed Helmets

Sooner or later, you knew this was coming.

Al Golden Hired a DJ and Put Up Strobe Lights for The Miami Hurricanes 5am Workouts

It's been a decade since my alma mater hasn't sucked at football. THIS YEAR WE TURN IT THE FUCK AROUND.

Eastern Michigan to Play on a Gray Football Field for Some Reason

50 shades.

The Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl is Now a Reality

The world is changing, Ron.