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South Carolina Needs to Start Wearing These Helmets

Slick dome.

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum Says The University of Texas Was Prepared to Offer Nick Saban $100 Million

The rumors about Nick Saban being courted by the University of Texas to coach the Longhorns became pretty tiresome last college football season.

Here is the New College Football Playoff Trophy, People Already Saying It Looks Like a Vagina

This is it. The new College Football Playoff trophy.

Oklahoma Has Some Crazy New Wood-Themed Helmets

Sooner or later, you knew this was coming.

Al Golden Hired a DJ and Put Up Strobe Lights for The Miami Hurricanes 5am Workouts

It's been a decade since my alma mater hasn't sucked at football. THIS YEAR WE TURN IT THE FUCK AROUND.

Eastern Michigan to Play on a Gray Football Field for Some Reason

50 shades.

The Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl is Now a Reality

The world is changing, Ron.

Remember Florida State’s Red Lightening? Here He Is Getting JACKED. UP. By a Wide Receiver

This is great when synched with classic WWE calls from The King and Jim Ross.

Jameis Winston Threw Himself a Hail Mary — Are We to Believe It’s Real?

In which we are reminded that ball is in fact life.

Huge Win for Selfies: Purdue to Put Student Photos on Helmets

Boiler upload.

Les Miles Tries to Hula Hoop and Sing Bob Seger, Is a Delightful Man

Les is more.

University of Michigan Commit Runs a 100-Meter Dash in 10.52 Seconds

Jabrill Peppers has jet fuel in his tank.

Man in Alabama Pajamas Arrested on Drug Charges, Offers ‘Roll Tide’ As Defense

Alabama played host to a big drug bust early yesterday morning, and a local news team was ON THE SCENE. [...]

Jadeveon Clowney Is Asked About His ‘Hardest Class in College,’ Answers with Extreme Honesty

Enough ink and pixels have been spilled talking about how the phrase "student-athlete" is kind of a joke.

Michigan Quarterback Shane Morris Threw a Hail Mary to Himself


Of Course This Bro King Chugging a Beer In Jorts at Talladega Is an Alabama Football Player

Bros, Alabama tight end Michael Nysewander, a senior, might soon be your new college football spirit animal.

Oregon Has New Military-Inspired Football Uniforms for Their 2014 Spring Game

There's Oregon and then there's everyone else.

Houston Football Coach Surprising Walk-on With Full Scholarship In Front of His Mom Will Hit You in the Feels

It's gettin' dusty in here.

Arkansas Razorbacks Superfan Scores Touchdown During Spring Game

Scorched 'em.

Someone Painted a Clemson Tiger Paw on South Carolina’s Football Field


Syracuse Has New Football Uniforms and the Numbers are Weird


Here’s What It’s Like to Play Linebacker for the Miami Hurricanes

Can you handle it?

Watch Random Ohio State Student Beat Most Players on OSU Football Team in 40-Yard Dash, Including Star RB

When Urban Meyer urged regular students at Ohio State University to come out and compete in a 40-yard-dash against his well-oiled football machines he didn't

Jameis Winston Gave an Epic Pump-Up Huddle Speech at the Florida State Spring Game

"This what we do for shizzy, for izzy, whatever it is!"

James Franklin Is Slowly Morphing Into a Lion


Texas Tech Held a Dance Contest. Kliff Klingsbury Emerged as the Winner

Fun times.

A Baylor Fan Had the Single Greatest Sports Wedding Cake I’ve Ever Seen


300-Pound Temple Football Recruit Can Run Faster Than You

Freddie Booth-Lloyd is a new recent recruit for the Temple University football team. At 300 pounds, he'll make one heck of a good D-lineman. But

Red Lightning Is Just Killing Spring Break Right Now

Red Lightning does Spring Break 2014.

Utah’s Football Team Had a Dance-off

Taking it to the streets.

Arizona Coach Rich Rodriguez Made a “Speed” Parody Video and It’s Worth Your Time

Excellent work.

These College Football Uniform Concepts Are Sick

Earlier this week we featured Mr. Design Junkie’s concept uniform designs for all 32 NFL teams. Now designs for college [...]

University of Louisville Football Recruit Arrested for Impregnating 14-Year-Old Cousin

Oops. Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad, a linebacker out of Fort Pierce Central High School, was on his way to Louisville to play [...]

East Carolina Kicker Davis Plowman Booted a 50-Yard Field Goal With a Shirt Pulled Over His Face

I’m not entirely sure how much time Pirates kicker Davis Plowman — that name again is Mr. Plowman — has [...]

Marcus Hall Finally Making Bank on His Iconic Double-Bird Moment

One of the lasting images of last year’s college football season was Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall saluting the [...]

Missouri Football Player Michael Sam Comes Out, Could Be the First Openly Gay NFL Player

Huge, historic news from the football world. On Sunday Missouri All-American DE Michael Sam came out in interviews with ESPN, [...]

Jared Lorenzen Is Still a Scramblin’, Gun-Slingin’ Quarterback

Who saw this coming? Jared Lorenzen—the former Kentucky folk hero turned Eli Manning backup—is still playing football. Lorenzen was never [...]

Male Alabama Fan Gets Belly Button Ring As Part of Iron Bowl Bet

Think you've heard the last there is to hear about last year's spectacular Iron Bowl? Think again. And the newest bit of information about the

Lawsuit Claims Nick Saban’s Daughter Kristen ‘Beat the Devil’ Out of Girl

According to lawsuit against Kristen Saban, the daughter of Alabama head coach Nick Saban, the coach’s daughter got into fisticuffs with a former sorority sister.

Nick Saban Dances, Lane Kiffin Sings at Alabama Recruiting Party

Nick Saban doesn't look like a guy who dances, but Nick Saban definitely dances. During a recruiting event at his home over the weekend, the