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College Kids, This Is How To Answer Those End-of-Semester Teacher Evaluations

Filling out college professor evaluations at the end of a semester always seems like a fools errand -- Does anyone actually read the criticism on

UNC Bro Stood Up In His Bio Class and Proceeded to Take Off All His Clothes (w/Video)


The 10 Most Annoying Things About College Gen-Ed Classes

There is no mistaking it: The first few years of college are filled with the best times of your life. Where the collaborative effort of piecing

Rutgers to Offer Bruce Springsteen Theology Class

The path to heaven is Thunder Road. Azzan Yadin-Israel, a professor in theology, will offer a one-semester course on the music of Bruce Springsteen next year at Rutgers.

You Can Take a Class on ‘The Walking Dead’ Sponsored by UC Irvine

The Zombie Apocalypse may have come and gone last summer, but you should still be prepared for the inevitable fight. Any day now—ANY DAY—those bastards

A Tribute to the Asshole Who Packs Up Early In Class

The zip up--music to everyone's ears. 

The 25 Colleges with the Worst Professors

College listicle bonerjamz time! 

BuzzFeed Asks, ‘What Do You Learn in a College Porn Class?’

Hugo Schwyzer teaches a class at Pasadena City College called "Navigating Pornography." It's recieved a ton of buzz lately because, hey! Who doesn't want to

Just In Case You Went to College to Learn, These are the 15 Best Colleges For Undergraduates

There's a lot of factors that go into choosing a college. Our own Andy Moore recently a hell of a job outlining some of the

Undercover Superman Crashes a UDel Physics Lecture Class

Ah, the ole' college lecture crash. Back in my days at Penn State, it was from a guy in a chicken suite who randomly pranked

A Bingo Game for Boring College Classes

Looking for a game to play in class? Seek no more! 80% of college is super fun, but then there's that boring 20% that's, um,

Help Connect Us with the Person Who Wrote an Eight Page College Essay On Drake’s #YOLO

UPDATE: Still haven't tracked down the YOLO paper, but we thought we'd retry with the hope of being able to read it sometime in the

Girl Has Scary Freak Out In FAU Evolution Class

Earlier today a tipster told us about a very scary, tense, and seemingly serious situation in an Evolution class at Florida Atlantic University.

Higher Education Horror Stories: Screwed By a Prof Who Thought George Washington Was a Transvestite

Ah, the blow-off class. Last week we told you about a new Michigan State course, "Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – Catastrophes and Human Behavior."