april fools day prank

Math Professor Pulls An INCREDIBLE April Fools Prank On His Class

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As far as April Fools pranks go, this might be the best one of the year.

naval academy

Naval Academy Bros Make Hilarious Video About Classes At The Naval Academy

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I can't exactly explain what is going on here, but a bunch of talented midshipmen at the Naval Academy made a hilarious video about their classes.


Is This The Most WTF Story About Boobs Ever Written In A Freshman English Class?


Freshman English courses are meant to weed out the literate from the illiterate and the weird from the "Wow what the actual fuck.

college girls

Towson Girl Sends E-mail to Professor That She Will Not Be Attending Class On Beyoncé’s Birthday


There are powerful forces in the universe that my weak, feeble little mind just cannot wrap my head around: Dark matter, the nuclear physics behind supernobas, and why every Starbucks sipping, 20-something girl is obsessed with "Queen Bae" Beyoncé Knowles are three.

college professors

College Kids, This Is How To Answer Those End-of-Semester Teacher Evaluations


Filling out college professor evaluations at the end of a semester always seems like a fools errand -- Does anyone actually read the criticism on those things.

college life

The 10 Most Annoying Things About College Gen-Ed Classes


There is no mistaking it: The first few years of college are filled with the best times of your life.

uc irvine

You Can Take a Class on ‘The Walking Dead’ Sponsored by UC Irvine


The Zombie Apocalypse may have come and gone last summer, but you should still be prepared for the inevitable fight.


BuzzFeed Asks, ‘What Do You Learn in a College Porn Class?’


Hugo Schwyzer teaches a class at Pasadena City College called "Navigating Pornography.

college games

A Bingo Game for Boring College Classes


Looking for a game to play in class.

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