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College Bro Has the Single Greatest Collection of Vines We’ve Ever Seen, Again

College bro, and guy who has no regard for his own well-being, Logan Paul just dropped his second Vine compilation video. […]

Check Out These Topless, Jort-Wearing FSU Bros Showing Their Jameis Winston Support Today

As we all know, Jamies Winston will not be charged with sexual assault. And thank god, because these guys would have really looked silly then.

10 College Traditions That Weren’t Meant For Bros

After all the years of high school and college, I still don’t know the answer to one of life’s more pivotal questions — is being

College Bro Gets Dunked On In Lecture, Class Goes Wild

I know we say "epic" a lot around here, but this is truly an epic Vine. 

College Bro Pretends to Snort Coke In Public, People React Somewhat Accordingly

I don't even know what to say about these so-called prank videos anymore. "These people just got the shit pranked out of them, woohoo! Fuckin'

Does This Freestyle-Rapping Midwestern College Bro Have a Future?

This video just came in over the tipline with this description: "Hey, you need to feature this kid on the site. Haha. He