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I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Virginia Fan Losing Her Mind at the College World Series

She's very, very excited.

College Girl ‘Does It For the Vine,’ Runs on the Field During the College World Series

Classic millennial move...

Minnesota Pitcher Cody Campbell Is Trying to Be the Most Interesting Man in the World

This guy.

Notre Dame and FSU Baseball Teams Both Have Impressive Rain Delay Routines

Do college baseball coaches give zero fucks or do college baseball coaches give zero fucks?

Greensboro College Turned a Delightful 9-3-2 Triple Play

Three goggles.

Here’s a GIF of an Ole Miss Player Hitting a Walk-Off Homer on an Intentional Walk

Mississippi third baseman Austin Anderson hit a walk-off home run on Friday.

Central Arkansas and Arkansas-Little Rock Had a Wild Baseball Brawl

They're working it out.

Mississippi State’s Brett Pirtle Turned in a Sick Web Gem from His Back

Grass stains.

San Diego State’s Halloween Costume Baseball Game Looks Hilarious

The San Diego State baseball team held its third annual Halloween game on Sunday and the footage is downright delightful. Watching a bunch of dudes

College Baseball Bro Proclaims He’s a ‘One Man Thrill Ride’ In Hilarious Rant About the Alumni Game

Bros... Meet former Fitchburg State University's baseball player Jimmy Preston. The self-professed "One-Man-Thrill-Ride" recently went back to his alma mater to play in an alumni game and relive

College World Series Makes One of the Greatest Misspellings You’ll Ever See

Back in the late '90s, this Snickers commercial would play on NFL game breaks and on a near Tom Emanski-level during SportsCenter replays. It involved a

Look at This F*cking Baseball Player

Coastal Carolina's Alex Buccilli was hit nine times in 59 games this year. Somehow, this number seems low. Why?

Cal State Fullerton Batter Gets Hit in the Balls by a Pitch, Pitcher Mad It Wasn’t Called a Strike

Cup or not, taking a 80mph slider to the junk looks like no fun at all.

Coastal Carolina is Very, Very Excited to Be in the NCAA Baseball Tournament

Like, more excited than anyone of us here has been about anything. Good for them.C

The Cincinnati Bearcats Awesome Postgame Shenanigans: Now in Video Form

Earlier today, we showed you the thrilling postgame antics of the Bearcats ballclub in GIF form. They've been generous enough to release the video compilation

Cincinnati’s Baseball Team Has Mastered the Art of the Postgame Interview

Cincinnati's baseball team is coming off a 24-32 season and its coach, Brian Cleary, was just fired. I think the Bearcats are still winning, though. At

This is the Most Exciting Inside-the-Park Home Run You’ll Ever See

You won’t. Not even in a video game.

Iowa Baseball Players Say Their House is Haunted, Ghosts Are Stealing Panties Left and Right

Iowa baseball leads the nation in paranormal activity.

Bench-Clearing Brawl Breaks Out During Big Ten Title Game between Purdue and Indiana

Tempers flared at the Big Ten Title Game when Purdue took on Indiana. 

The Harvard Baseball Team Choreographed a Dance to ‘Call Me Maybe’

Like J.Lo's fat ass, this "Call Me Maybe" song has no quit. Watch as the Harvard baseball team has some fun with it

These Two College Baseball Teams Might Have Had the Greatest Rain Delay of All Time

So many activities going on in this video taken during a rain delay between Edgewood College and Rockford College. In order, we have:

Ole Miss Baseball’s Home Run Shower Celebration Might Be Our New Favorite College Sports Tradition

One of the coolest videos of the day, via our buddies at TFM. For starters, props to Ole Miss for having a student

Dad Quits Job to Watch Son Pitch for South Carolina in the College World Series

Here's your weekly "boss-is-a-d*ck"/#mydadisabro/family-above-all-else story of the day. David Roth, a car salesman at Steve White Volkswagens and Audis in Greenville, South Carolina, wanted to

Looks Like the Clemson and Davidson’s Baseball Teams Had Fun During a Rain Delay

In wake of the Radford / High Pointe jousting match, will epic rain delay follies during college baseball games become the next trick videos? Maybe.

How Not to Get Your Team Reinstated: Cal Baseball Team Drops ‘Reinstatement Rap’

I'm really not sure if the student athletes at the University of California are there to compete at the NCAA Division I level or to

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen to UCLA Baseball Team: ‘Stay Off Crack. Drink Chocolate Milk’

It's a pretty well-known fact that Charlie Sheen loves baseball. In high school he played shortstop and, when "Major League" came out in 1989, he