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Nick Offerman Gave Out Sage Advice To College Freshmen Regarding Roommate Pubic Hair


Nick Offerman made an appearance on The Tonight Show and joined in on Fallon's "Suggestion Box" by providing some sage advice to college freshman who run into a classic little problem regarding roommates and pubic hairs.

senior year

8 Pieces Of Advice For College Seniors


My own college graduation was nearly a year and a half ago, but I can still remember the mixed emotions that were senior year as vividly as if they were yesterday.

new to college 16 things everybody starting college should know


What should a high school senior know before going to college.

college advice

10 Things I’d Tell My Freshman Self


I'd pay anything to go back and do it all over again.


14 Solid Pieces of Advice for College Students, Via a Massive Reddit Thread of College Lifehacks


So this thread on Reddit's r/AskReddit is going crazy viral right now in college circles.

college students

Jon Stewart’s Advice to New and Returning College Students


Today is the first day of class for many schools around the country.


Facebook Provides Ingenious Advice for Shutting Someone Up Behind You In a Lecture Hall


Have to admit, not bad advice for getting someone to passive-agressively shut the f*ck up behind you during a lecture.

top salaries

Top 20 Colleges That Help Grads Get Top Salaries (As Compiled by SmartMoney)


We place a lot of emphasis on party school's and colleges with the most sl*ts per square foot around these parts but the fact remains our parents send us off to college for one reason: take us off the payroll.

sex advice

Fraternities, College Transfers, and Showering Before Sex


Editor's Note: To send Waffles McButter, Matthew Flow, and the editors of BroBible your questions, click here or the Ask a Bro button.

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A High School Freshman is Already Looking for Talent-Specific College Advice


,Editor's Note: To send Waffles McButter and the editors of BroBible your questions, click here or the Ask a Bro button.


The Brommunity Weighs in on Michigan, UConn, Georgia, and Other Bro-Worthy Colleges


[inline:belushi]Last week we posed a challenge to the Brommunity to offer up some helpful advice to all those high school seniors out there who are about to make one of the most important decisions in their lives: where they should go to college.


Why Should a High School Bro Attend Your College/Alma Mater?


[inline:belushi]Every day for the past couple weeks we've seen posts in the Brommunity from high school seniors who are already trying to figure out where they should go to college in the fall.

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