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7 Things to Not Bring to Your Dorm Freshman Year

Don't make rookie mistakes, even though you are a rookie.

7 University Employees That Can Actually Aid Your Sex Life in College

I have personally utilized every single one of these opportunities. You can too.

20 Best Colleges in America For Stoners

It would appear that the Princeton Review is taking the Weird Al Yankovic approach to releasing their yearly lists.

20 Most Sober Schools In America List 2014 -2015 Crowns a Familiar Face As the King of Sobriety

You've got to be kidding me...Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering made this list of the most sober schools?

This College Bro Was Approached by Porn Director While on Vacation, Promptly Became a Porn Star

"Thumbs up for porn!" is the message I assume he is trying to covey with this photo.

UVA Student Wins $215,000 In Lawsuit After Cops Arrest Her For Water They Thought Was Beer

Score one for the college kids of the world.

5 Things College Teaches You That Actually Apply in Real Life

Post graduation feels like being a freshman in the real world.

5 Ways Dorm Life Is Like Prison Life

I gotta be honest, I’ve never actually been to jail. I don’t really plan on going either.

6 Sexual Positions You Only Use in College

College sex is weirder than what you'd find in a hoarder's basement.

Is Getting a Lap Dance From a Stripper Ever Considered Cheating?

What you call cheating, I call philanthropy.

The Ohio State Marching Band Is Filled with Horny College Kids, Has EXTREMELY Vulgar Fight Songs

Think fraternities and sororities are the only ones accused of hazing people on a college campus? Think again!

7 Tips for Not Screwing Up College

College is the greatest time in your life, but only if you screw it up. It's meant to be the greatest time in your life

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Where You Go To College

Think you know everything there is to know about why going to college is great for you?

These 50 Colleges All Cost Over $60,000 Per Year. SIXTY. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. HOLY SHIT

No one is going to college in 20 years. Especially my kids.

5 Items In Your Dorm Room That Can Get You On Housing Probation

Like people serving a life sentence in jail, college students have too much free time to figure out how to get in trouble.

The 5 Ways Girls Are Flirting With You…That 99% Of Bros Never Pick Up On

Flirting sucks.

U.S. Map Shows You the Worst Schools For Partying In Each State

Love having no fun ever? Enroll in one of these schools.

Georgia Southern University Raged Their Tits Off On The Fourth Of July

The guy in the Tigger suit is killing it.

How to Get Your Roommate to Move Out. QUICK.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Is Getting a Happy Ending Considered Cheating?

A July 3rd mailbag. Look at me go, really earning my paycheck and shit.

The 5 Girls You Meet at a Sorority Party

Greek life parties are where you substitute having a great night at a bar for having a night with free beer.

FAFSA Just Shit On Every Poor College Student Ever with a Tweet

Just fuel for the fire to those who side with Mark Cuban about the student-loan crises.

American Exchange Student Got Stuck in a Giant Vagina Sculpture at Germany University (w/photo)

Every Bro Has a Story...used to be the tagline of this site. This Bro above now has his story, and it's better than most.

5 Things You Absolutely Must Do After Graduation

Grad stuff.

James Madison Just Set a Record For the Most Pathetic Response to a Sexual Assault Ever

If you are a Duke, you should be embarrassed.

Why Living On Campus During Summer Break Is The Best/Worst Thing Ever

After your first year of college, deciding how you spend your summers becomes a pretty big deal.

5 Reasons Why Your College Relationship Won’t Last

Face it. You've got no chance.

This Strip Club Offered Free Private Rooms To Students Studying For Finals…But No One Showed Up

Because when you think of places to study, you think strippers.

These UCLA Hotties Recreated The Last Supper…But With Franzia, Beer & Pizza

Just the way Jesus intended for it to be done.

5 Things That Were Only Acceptable To Do When You Were In College

Time to go up.

Bro Does One of the Most Disgusting Things You Can Do During Sex, Questions His Ability to Keep Living

Life tip: when you look up "sex" on a stock photo website and the photo of a loving couple who are about fuck on a

The Best College Towns In America (When The Students Are Gone)

How do these towns survive the summer without the constant stench of puke?

Is It Necessary For a Guy to Be Willing to Go Down On Chicks?

Deep thoughts...

The 5 Stages We All Go Through Before Drunkenly Vomiting

Cathartic, sloppy, and often unexpected, yes, puke is one of life’s fun surprises.

The Do’s and Don’ts of When Your Parents Visit You At College

Your first year of college is a scary time...for your parents.

How Do I Get My New Girlfriend to Do All the Kinky Things My Old Girlfriend Did Naturally?

Have you met my friend, The Slippery Slope?

The 20 Most DTF Colleges in America

Sex is an important part of any college experience. Looking back, we can’t remember our classes, our professors, or our grades. What we do remember,

Coked-Out College Bro Has the 48-Hour Weekend of His Life

Hook Up Heroes are back in time for your weekend!

5 Things Nobody Says About College (Until It’s Too Late)

Congratulations! Your formal education is finally over.

University of Tennessee Suspends Fraternity, Because Pouring Hot Sauce on Pledges’ Genitals Is Kind Of Fucked Up

If you thought fraternities at the University of Tennessee couldn't out do butt chugging you were wrong.