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College Bro Loses in Arm Wrestling Against His 70-Year-Old Professor

That's gotta sting.

Watch the Girls of KKG at DePauw Get Down in Their Derby Days Dance Routine

Sorority girls doing choreographed routines will always be posted to BroBible.

Should a Bro Go to Yoga Classes to Pick Up Chicks?

Submit your Ask a Babe questions below.

What the Hell Should I Do With My Futon and Mini-Fridge After College?

The sobering reality sets in even though I’m still a little buzzed. “Today is the day,” I think, somberly comprehending my inescapable fate.

‘Intramural’ Is the Epic Sports Movie For Those Of Us Who Will Never Play Professional Sports

Why do famous people get all the glory?

The 5 Girls You See in a College Cafeteria

The college cafeteria. We've all been there. We've all spent countless hours eating and watching others eat in there. Here are the five girls you'll

College Bro Makes a Compilation Video of All the Times He Threw Himself Through Tables at Parties

From what I can glean, he made this compilation video of all his drunken assholery

My Name Is Jake and I Shit My Pants During A College Class This Week

Hi, my name is Jake. I’m a senior in college. You and I probably aren’t that different from one another, except for one major thing.

This Video From the University of Wisconsin Is Proof that People From Wisconsin Are Crazy

I have a good friend from Wisconsin. Back when I met him in college, circa 2006, he was bar none [...]

Meet the Horny 30-Year-Old Men Who Try to Pick Up College Girls on Spring Break

A whole new level of perv.

UPenn’s Women’s Lacrosse Team Goes Harder Than You Do, Gets Naked While Trashing a Bar

  Way to party, UPenn women’s lacrosse team. On Saturday night a group of 50 people under the UPenn women’s lacrosse [...]

U.S. Map Shows the Biggest Party School in Each State

Which college is the biggest party school in your state? Find out here.

4 Crazy Expectations You Have About College… and the Reality

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I'm not cool. At all.

How Do You Tell a Girl That She’s Painfully Bad In Bed?

Sometimes bad sex isn't better than no sex at all.

This “Paper” on Rosa Parks Earned an A-Minus for a North Carolina Athlete?


How Guys Describe Their Spring Break Trip to People Who Weren’t With Them

Drank so much. Barely slept at all. Fucked so many chicks. Vomited in a Mexican airport bathroom. Everything was NUTS. Probably should have died.

9 Friends You’ll Stop Seeing After College

College is a time where your social circle expands faster than a sophomore’s waistline during midterms.

How Many USC Fraternity Rager Videos (Full of Hot Girls) Can We Post in a Single Day? You’re About to Find Out

More and more and more.

10 Sexual Situations You Learn In College

College is a time to experiment with a variety of ways to ruin your life.

Are You a Pussy for Wanting to Be More than Friends With Benefits? Plus When Her Nips Have Hair

My mother once told me that the best way to get what you want most is to behave as if it's the thing you could

Bro Bangs Girl in Broad Daylight on Spring Break, Passerby Photographs It

Ah, college. I miss it so goddamn much.

The 15 Best College St. Patrick’s Day Parties in the U.S.

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day. On that day, or on prior days co-opted as St. Patrick’s Day, college students across this fine land will celebrate

The 4 Ways You’ll Meet People After College

Like most of you, I’ve been meeting people my whole life.

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Weighs In on Report that College Kids are Having Lots of Anal Sex

So...maybe...that whole report about massive amounts of anal happening on college campuses was complete bullshit?

6 Sex Techniques You’ll Learn in College Clubs

7. AV Club. Unwanted Abstinence.

This Picture Perfectly Sums Up The Struggle of Post-College Existence

Guess what we got?

UGA Sorority Creates Funny Spring Break Contract for Fraternity to Sign; Nudity is a Given

For Spring Break this year, the University of Georgia's Pi Kappa Phi fraternity will share a house with Kappa Delta.

Pissed Off Old Man Tries to Fight Drunk Spring Breaker on Boat — Guess What Happens Next?

The last time we posted a Young vs. Old fight, old won in a convincing, "this guy is knocked the fuck out" fashion.

UNC Bro Stood Up In His Bio Class and Proceeded to Take Off All His Clothes (w/Video)


Apparently College Students Are All about the Anal Sex These Days

It's as popular as Pogs were back in the day.

Stony Brook Basketball Fan Attempts to Become the Most Annoying Videobomber Ever, SUCCEEDS

Dude is just living his life for the love of Stony Brook.

JMU Wants You To Know It Parties Harder Than Your School

JMU is putting itself back on the turnt map again, with the Bros at Sigma Chi enlisting the talents of Sound Remedy for a huge

45 Reasons I Miss College

  Building beer towers in your post-grad apartment really just isn’t very acceptable, is it? Shout out to these Bros [...]

How to Justify Spending Your Time Drinking Instead of Studying For Midterms

Drinking > Studying

Get a Load of this Frat Brawl at West Virginia Between Pike, TKE and Sig Chi (UPDATE)

These dudes frat like no one has ever fratted before.

What’s the First Thing You Should Do When You Find Out Someone Has Cheated on You?

Cheating, joining the Navy, and Soggy Biscuits in this week's mailbag.

Dear Alabama Students: Do Not Yell “Roll Tide” in the Library

People are trying to study.

Every Millennial Should Watch This Brutally Honest College Commercial

College is great and all, but let’s be honest: Spending the best four years of your life on tweedy campus [...]

The University of San Diego Really, Really Wants the World to Know How Hard It Parties

I’ve got to give mad props to the students at the University of San Diego. Over the past two weeks, [...]

The 33 Best College Sandwich Shops In America

Jimmy Johns is great and all, but if you’ve never experienced the drunk food magic of an Are U Hungry? [...]