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Oh Fuck. We Might Be In Store For Another Death Storm This Week

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

This Is What Happens When You Play with a Super Soaker In -41 Degree Temperatures

OK, so we've seen what happens when you pee outside in -50 degree temperatures. But what about when you do something as basic as shooting

A Polar Vortex Is About to Kill Everyone in America

Prepare to die. Because you are going to die tomorrow. 

Brave Bikini-Clad Woman Arrested for Jogging On Subzero Siberian Highway

This is actually one of the most mundane things captured on Russian dashcams this week. It is, however, quite an enjoyable rush-hour sight.

Kanye West, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled Release Video for “I Wish You Would/Cold”

Filmed a bit like the opening scene from "Saving Private Ryan," the video for "I Wish You Would/Cold" is mainly remarkable for actually getting Kim