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John Calipari Did a One-and-Done on “The Colbert Report”

A nice chat.

Here’s How Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Reacted to the ‘Late Show’ Host Announcement

Yesterday, the entire world reported that Stephen Colbert will be taking over The Late Show once David Letterman finally retires.

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Responds to the #CancelColbert Twitter Movement

n case you missed the entire #CancelColbert brouhaha on Twitter, people were calling for the Colbert Report to be canceled over a tweet he didn't

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Weighs In on Report that College Kids are Having Lots of Anal Sex

So...maybe...that whole report about massive amounts of anal happening on college campuses was complete bullshit?

Stephen Colbert Discovers Chinese Rip-Off of His Show, Reacts Accordingly

If there's one thing Stephen Colbert loves, it's America. If there's a second thing he loves, it's his intellectual property. So he's not just going

Here’s a GIF of Stephen Colbert’s Cameo in ‘The Desolation of Smaug’

Stephen Colbert is everywhere these days. 

The Denver Post’s Marijuana Critic Remembered He Had an Interview With Stephen Colbert

Think you have a pretty cool job? Well, it sucks compared to what Ricardo Baca does for a living. He’s the Denver Post’s brand new

And Now a Supercut of Stephen Colbert Breaking Character

Stephen Colbert is not a conservative, but he plays one on television. His award-winning late-night program is all kinds of genius and its success is

Stephen Colbert Riffed on Fox News’ Intense Newsroom Last Night

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith disappeared for the last month. Went completely off the air. The legendary eyebrows? Gone without a trace. We thought he might have been confused

Stephen Colbert Gives Couple Dream Wedding After Plans Canceled By Shutdown

Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le were planning on getting married in front of the Jefferson Memorial, but the government shutdown canceled their plans. Luckily, Stephen

As Expected, Stephen Colbert Took the Time to Gloat Magnificently About His Emmy Win Last Night

I knew this was coming. We ALL knew this was coming. And I can't tell you how happy I was when Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report won

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Others Dance Hilariously to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’

Daft Punk was set to appear as a special guest on the Colbert Report last night to assist Stephen in picking the song of the summer

Stephen Colbert Dedicates an Entire Episode to ‘The Great Gatsby,’ Old Sport

To the giggly delight of 11th grade English teachers everywhere, last night Stephen Colbert dedicated an entire episode to The Great Gatsby. It was the

James Franco Admits to Stephen Colbert That He’s a Fraud, Challenges Him to Another Tolkien Showdown

Are you a James Franco fan? If yes, then you should watch this, that is obvious. Do you hate James Franco? If yes, then you

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Comments on Beyoncé Lip-Syncing at the Inauguration

"Jay-Z officially has...100 problems."

Stephen Colbert Wrote a Spectacular Poem for President Obama’s Inauguration

Unlike the poet that was actually at the inauguration (I have no time to look up names, people), Colbert at least had the courtesy to

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Hilariously Cover Oprah’s Lance Armstrong Interview

Tomorrow the truth, or something like it, will come out of Lance Armstrong's mouth in his interview with Oprah Winfrey. Will it be a full

Punter Chris Kluwe Wrote a Hilarious Log of His Typical Practice Day and Went on ‘Colbert’ Yesterday

Yesterday, Christ Kluwe posted a blog on a video game-tester website, Trenches Comic, a place where testers go to share their individual stories of being

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Calls Out the Strangeness of the Trillion Dollar Coin

Our long national nightmare is over: "The Colbert Report" and the "Daily Show" returned with new episodes last night after taking a break since, I

Here Are Stephen Colbert’s Funniest Moments from December 2012

A good month indeed. 

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Addressed Being Appointed to the Senate Last Night

After South Carolina's Jim DeMint announced last week that he was leaving his Senate seat to head the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, state

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Finally React to Hurricane Sandy

Last night, "The Daily Show" and the "Colbert Report" came back after their hurricane hiatus. We put the best of their reactions to Hurricane Sandy

Stephen Colbert Went on ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday Morning to Discuss Satire and the Election

This morning Stephen Colbert sat down with David Gregory for a lengthy, 14-minute discussion on satire and the 2012 Presidential Election. The "Meet the Press"

Stephen Colbert Discusses the Looming Global Bacon Shortage, Blames Barack Obama

Bacon is more than just a delicious, fatty slice of hog heaven. It's a uniter not a divider, like caviar and money. Bacon is currently one

Stephen Colbert Reacts to the News that Jesus May Have Had a Wife

There's been a lot of buzz in the academic world this week about a fragment of papyrus from the 4th century that speculates Jesus had

Colbert Relentlessly Mocks the Fox News Pundits Who Questioned Gabby Douglas’ Patriotism

Last week, Alisyn Camerota and her patriotic enforcer goons at Fox News questioned the patriotism of Team USA. It was a new low for a

Here’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Author Maurice Sendak’s Great Interview With Stephen Colbert

Maurice Sendak, the mercurial author of children’s books, died early this morning at the age of 83. He’s best known for the immensely popular “Where

Stephen Colbert Responds to Yesterday’s SOPA & PIPA Protests

In case you missed it (somehow), a lot of sites went black yesterday in protest of SOPA and PIPA -- a few pieces of legislative