Look At This Freakin’ Photo Of Barry Bonds Sipping Coffee While Wearing Google Glass


Remember all those years of surly behavior, shady fitness routines and record-book destruction which turned Barry Bonds into a pariah.

national coffee day

Survey Proves Coffee Drinkers Are Worst People On Earth


Today is National Coffee Day, which is a bigger load of BS than Bastille Day.


Barista Explains Why Starbucks Always Spells Your Name Wrong


Go to Instagram right now and I'll bet you'll find at least 2-3 "Starbucks spelled my name wrong" photos after just a few minutes.

coffee etiquette

What your office coffee routine says about you


The way you drink coffee at the office reveals plenty about your true character, 'cause when your brain is banshee-screaming for caffeine, you don't have time to worry about silly things like "social norms.


Which Cheap Coffee Chain Has the Best Coffee?


The obvious answer here is Wawa or Sheetz.

coffee expert

Cheap coffee reviewed by world’s most insufferable coffee expert


Ever wondered how our nation's cheap coffees actually fare compared to others.


Caffeine is the world’s most popular drug — but how does it work?


You're probably about three cups deep already, but do you really know how the caffeine in coffee and energy drinks actually work.

vodka coffee

How to make delicious Vodka Coffee in 6 easy steps


Sometimes just plain old coffee isn't what you need, sometimes you need it infused with a delicious spirit.


Avión Espresso is more than Turtle could have ever imagined


  Tequila Avión first started making noise as a story line on Entourage, but the tequila brand has far surpassed anything for which Turtle could have hoped.

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