The 5 Ways You’re Unknowingly Cockblocking Yourself


Shower as much as you want, the stench of failure never leaves.

Sex in public

Two College Kids Having Sex In Public Have Their Beautiful Moment Ruined by Massive Cockblock


What kind of sick, depraved world are we living in if horny college kids can't even have hot sex in public anymore.


Entire party cockblocks couple hooking up


Cockblocks are usually not funny.

prank videos

Bro Dresses Up As a Giant Penis, Pranks People By Literally Going ‘Cockblocking’


The guys at /whatever are back, pulling dick moves all over the place by dressing up as a giant penis.

hooking up

8 Ways To Overcome Her Cock Blocking Friend At The Bar


Cock blockers come in all shapes and sizes, and usually have vaginas that haven’t been touched since the year of the dragon.

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